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Toy Story Adventure -4yr- Rootin Tootin Shootin



July 2010


Cassandra in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Honorable Mention

Toy Story Party

This party was for a 4 yo boy with 9 child guests, and put together to accommodate both boys and girls from the ages of 3 through 6.  The party was in the summer so it was done outside because of the activities undertaken.

INVITATIONS:  These were generated on the computer and printed out on 5x7 photo paper and sent in the mail inside homemade toy story" themed magnetic frames with pictures of several toy story characters taken from the internet (like a save the date wedding magnet would be like). 

The invitation said "Come join Woody Buzz and the gang for a rootin' tootin' good time and help celebrate (insert child's name here) (insert age of child) Birthday!!!"  More info around date and time as well as some activity teasers were mentioned in the invitation. 

DECORATIONS:  Toy Story themed table clothes (some with print some with Toy Story familiar color) plates a Happy Birthday Banner with Toy Story cut outs pasted all over the banner (made and decorated by my kids) Toy Story theme balloons and streamers in Toy Story familiar colors 

COSTUMES:  Things for the kids to take home with them as part of their favours like a cowboy hat and bandana for each child to wear a water gun a sherrif's badge each with their names on it. 

ACTIVITIES/GAMES:  We had several activites/games that included
(1) Woody's Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery - kids would shoot at empty plastic cups off a ledge with their water gun in a "competition" to see who could shoot the most cups off the fastest;

(2) Soldier Search and Rescue - Bought a bucket of the little green soldiers from Toy Story and spread them all over the lawn and all the kids had to go searching for the men and they received a piece of candy for their loot bag for every soldier they brought back;

(3) Stinky Pete's Gold Rush - similar to the soldier search and rescue where I painted rocks with gold paint and buried them in the sand box and the kids had to run the sand through a seive to find the 'gold nuggets' - each kid got a seive and took it home in their loot bag

(4) Mr. Potato Head Decorating Contest - had 300+ parts of Mr. Potato Head Parts and 10 Potato Heads where the kids decorated their Potato Head and we judged them in a 'potato show'

(5) "Piggy Painting" - had ceramic piggy banks for the kids to paint and take home with them

(6) "Going to Infinity and Beyond" - Had a 3ft Buzz Light Year balloon tied to the side of a bouncy house where the kids could go in and jump around (rented it for $99 for the day) THIS WAS THE HIT OF THE PARTY!  PARTY SNACKS: 

The "food table" was set up with a sign hanging over the table reading "Woody's Saloon" where we had Woody's Campfire Franks (hotdogs) and Buzz's Intergalatic Burgers with trail mix (party mix chips) and veggies and dip.  We had cake and fruit for dessert.  I made a green punch for the kids to drink and told them it was the alien juice.  They LOVED the color! 

CAKE:  I rented a cake pan of Buzz Light Year and picked up some icing decorating bags and only needed 2 tips to decorate it (was sooo easy to do considering it was the first time I ever tried to make/decorate a cake!!! Although it is time consuming-20 mins to bake cake 8 hrs to decorate but was soooo worth it!!) 

I also had cupcakes with Toy Story edible decorations on them decorated with leftover colors of icing used for the cake (the cupcakes were MORE popular with the kids than the cake was cause they didn't want me to cut it!) 

FAVOURS:  After the party the kids went home with pretty much everything USED at the party (hat bandana sherrif's badge water gun piggy bank sand seive (some even took the gold rocks!) a few candies and a basic Toy Story sticker book and stickers. 

All in all the total cost for materials (minus food) for the part was about $80 (just under $10 a kid).  Everyone had such a good time and even the parents that were there had fun seeing their kids going through all the activities that it was worth the cost! (And still A LOT cheaper than doing a pre-planned party somewhere else). 

"ALL" supplies were purchased at dollar stores and/or walmart.  Cake pan was rented from a cake shop and decorating supplies were purchased from Michael's Craft Store (Wilton).

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