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Dalmatian Party -4yr- Doggie Bingo



October 2001


Donna in San Antonio, Texas  USA

Honorable Mention

Dalmatian Party

Dalmatian Party (based on Disney's 102 Dalmatians)  This was for my four year old son : 

Invitations : I made dog house's for the invitations. I added a red triangular roof to a white card then stamped it with a dalmatian. Party details were written inside the dog house.  

Decorations: I cut and laminated paw prints which were placed through out the house, hung black, white and polka dot balloons, hung black and white streamers and Dalmatians posters/pictures. 

Craft: Upon arrival, each guest made their own dog tag. I pre-drew different puppies on Shrinky Dinks (available at crafts stores)and the children colored and decorated the rest. Once they were finished with them, we 'baked' them (see box for directions) and attached spotted ribbon so they could wear their collars.  

Games: We played Doggie Bingo. I created Bingo cards using Dalmatian stickers. The matching sticker was placed on a small card which I drew from a hat and the kids had to match the stickers to cover the square.

Also, played Hot Potato with a rubber newspaper dog toy. We played the song ' Who Let the Dogs Out?" as they passed around the toy. When the song stopped the child holding the toy was eliminated until their was one child left. The eliminated children cheered and danced. 

Food: We had hot dogs, puppy chow ( a Chex cereal recipe) and juices. 

Cake: I made the Puppy Dog cake( face with paws ) decorated like a Dalmatian. You use white frosting on an 8 inch round and Junior Mint candies for spots. 

Goody Bags: I bought plastic dog bowls and labeled each one with the child's name. I filled them with a Dalmatian figure, Dalmatians coloring and puzzle page, Dalmatian back pack clip-on and Dalmatian stickers. I wrapped them up in cellophane and tied them closed with a ribbon. 

It was a busy and fun-filled party and the kids had a great time!

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