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Dalmatian Party -3yr- Dalmatian Party T-Shirts



November 2001


Beth in Laurel, MS      USA

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Dalmatian Party

We recently celebrated my son's 3rd birthday with a Dalmatian Party.

We wanted to do something different than other parties that we had been to in the past or had given in the past.  We rented a Dalmatian moonwalk from our local party rental service that was very reasonable ($80.00) This was our gift to our son instead of various wrapped presents.   The children had a BLAST! 

The rental of a moonwalk may seem a little pricey for some, but it was well worth the money to see the excitement and joy that it brought to the children (and adults, for that matter.)     

Our backyard was decorated with enlarged Dalmatian yard displays (dogs and puppies from a Dalmatian coloring book.) These are easy to make using an overhead projector, white poster board, and a black marker. Cute and very inexpensive to make.       

Tables were decorated with Dalmatian stuffed animals that I have collected over the years ( we have 2 real Dalmatians that are now 7 years old).  I made personalized Dalmatian placemats for each child using the Dalmatian logo from Print Shop Deluxe III computer program.  I had these laminated for long term usage. These were part of the party favors the children received.     

We served a Dalmatian cake made from our local bakery.  We served individualized ice cream single serving containers that come 12 to a pack at your local grocery store.  Children were able to top their ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate sprinkles.  We served variety packs of single serving chips that were displayed in a dog basket.   

We served single serving Kool Aid bottles in various flavors.       

I made Dalmatian party t-shirts for each child at the party.  I purchased packs of white t-shirts (3 per pack) in a variety of sizes.  I used t-shirt transfer paper from Hewlett-Packard that I found at Wal-Mart in the computer supply section.  I used the same Dalmatian logo that I used for the placemats.  Just follow the directions on the package.  Very easy to do. 

I printed the Dalmatian logo with the following info printed underneath the Dalmatian logo - Michael's Dalmatian Party- and the date of the party underneath.  Simply iron on the logo to the shirt following the directions on the HP t-shirt transfer package.  This was a HUGE hit at the party.   Children were so excited about their new party shirts that most decided to change into their new party shirts before jumping in the Dalmatian moonwalk.  They pretended they were Dalmatians, making various barking sounds and howls.  Very funny to see.       

In addition to the placemats and the t-shirts for party favors, party favors included white lunch bags decorated with spots ( use a black sharpie marker to do this), a Dalmatian plastic cup, Dalmatian party blowers, silly straws and candy.     

To end the party, we had a balloon release ( family tradition) with a brief party message attached to the balloons.  Message stated, "This balloon was recently released at my birthday party.  If you find my special party balloon, please write the  following address on the back of the card telling me where my special birthday balloon traveled." Out of the 40 balloons released, we received 3 responses.

The balloon found traveled between 50 - 85 miles away.  Isn't that something?  We are keeping the written responses in a birthday party scrapbook for my son.  This has also started a trend with the guests of my son's party.  Now, balloons are being released at all his friend's parties.     

My son and his friends ( and their parents) are still talking about the party.  We all had a "doggone" time at the party.

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