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Fear Factor Party -8yr- Dried Pig Brain



Feb. 2004


Shawna in Camby, Indiana U.S.

Honorable Mention

Fear Factor Party

For my son's 8th birthday party, we had a Fear Factor theme.  I pulled a couple of the ideas from this very site.  I made up a fear factor challenge schedule on the computer and used the Fear Factor logo from the web site and copied and pasted some of the gross pictures onto the schedule.  The schedule started by saying, "If fear is not a factor for you, then…" I also made name badges for each child.  The badges had the fear factor logo on them and the child's name.  For example, "Fear Factor Outlaw Evan".  It was winter and very cold outside, so I was limited to food challenges since the party had to stay indoors. 

Now, for my challenges:

Challenge # 1: Roll the dice and the number you roll is the same number of pieces of dried pig brain (steak bites found with beef jerky) you must eat.  You must follow this with a cricket shake (baby rice cereal with apple chips made using 2% milk.) I even bought real crickets and showed them to the kids.  The apple chips in the baby cereal were the same color as the crickets.  The kids thought this was the real stuff.  They even acted like they were going to get sick.  Some kids would not even try the stuff.

Challenge # 2: The fastest Fear Factor Outlaw to find a piece of bubble gum using their mouth in the whipped pig snot (whipped cream died with green food coloring) and blow a bubble wins a point. I even had a pair of goggles they shared.

Challenge # 3: Hold a lemon slice in your mouth.  The Fear Factor Outlaw that holds the lemon slice in their mouth the longest wins a point.

Challenge # 4: Fill your sponge with ostrich egg (just egg whites) and transfer the egg from the sponge into a clear glass.  The Fear Factor Outlaw with the most egg in their glass after one minute wins a point.

Challenge # 5:Roll the dice and the number you roll is the same number of dirty worms (gummy worms rolled in honey and the cookie part of Oreo) you must eat.  I simply put a package of gummy worms in a large baggy with some honey and squeezed the bag until they were coated with honey.  I then took bunches of coated worms and rolled them into crushed Oreo cookie.  This really looked like big, fat night crawlers.  The fasted Fear Factor Outlaw to chew up a dirty worm wins a point. 

Challenge # 6: Identify the pig and cow parts. I bought pig tail parts, pig feet and cow tongues from the meat counter at the grocery store.  I boiled them to cook them and put the parts in baggies.  I let each child look and feel the parts (while they were in the baggies) for 5 seconds each.  They then had to write down what they thought each part was. 

The Fear Factor Outlaw with the most correct wins a point.  When you cook these items, they really stink.  I recommend having these items cooked well in advance so your house does not stink when the guests arrive.  I actually had my husband cook them at my in-laws home before the party.     The Fear Factor Outlaw with the most points wins.  I made an award on the computer that started by saying, "Fear is obviously not a factor for you!"  The winner won $10.00. All other children received a prize for participating.  The kids really thought these items were real. 

At the end, I told them all what they really ate.  It was a great time.    Be sure to have a helper.  This can be messy stuff!

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