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Karaoke Machine -10yr- Video Taping



June 2005


Lisa in Staunton, VA USA


Karaoke Party

For my son's 10th birthday, we had a karaoke party. I used his karaoke machine and bought two inexpensive mic stands and an extra mic. I set it up on a brick hearth in our basement that's slightly higher than the floor so that it looked like a stage. I used two portable tv's, one for the karaoke words, the other was connected to a video camera pointed at the singers. They could watch themselves on tv while they sang.

For decorations I hung blank rewritable cd's (shiny on both sides) from the ceiling and on the wall. I also used special effect lights that my son already had in his room, plus a black light that was also his birthday gift.

As party favors, I bought inflatable musical instruments- guitars, bongo drum, sax, keyboard, and mics. The kids "played" these while singing karaoke songs.

The cake had a musical theme and I just bought paperware in bright colors to match. I gathered a box of dress up items like sunglasses, old ties, headbands, big jewelry, shirts with the sleeves ripped out, etc. so they could dress like rock stars.

The invitations I made on the computer were made to look like a ticket to a concert!

The best part was recording my mother and sister singing "YMCA" while the kids were outside hitting each other with the inflatable musical instruments.

This party was lots of fun for the kids, but beware- adults attending will want to sing some songs, too.

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