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Karaoke Party -12yr- X-Treme Group Visits!



June 2006


Janet in Seal Beach, Ca  USA


Karaoke Party

KARAOKE CAFE': For my daughter's 12th birthday, we set up the backyard with several round tables and umbrella's to look like a "cafe". 

We rented a "monster" Karaoke system with 6 ft tall speakers on tripod stands (looked impressive!).  We then made a "stage" within a few minutes by purchasing a single large sheet of plywood (any size that suites you--stage size), spray painted it black, and stapled a couple of gold sparkly garland streamers around the edge of it and Voila! 

A cool STAR's STAGE!  We layed it on top of 3 wood picnic benches we had in our yard and used a step stool for the stairs to step up on the stage.  We employed siblings and/or neighbor kids to be "waiters" who would provide menus to the guests, take their order, and be of assitance during the party (white shirts and ties with black dress pants looked the part for the waiters!)  EZ food was on the menu like hotdogs, chicken strips, and pizza, that's it. 

THE BEST PART of the evening was the entertainment.  Mom wished the BackStreet Boys could surprise the girls and show up, but that was a little far fetched.  So...I called the local HighSchool young men's performing group called X-Treme and asked if a couple of boys would come sing and entertain the 12 year old girls for about half an hour. 15 fantastic, hunky, performing guys showed up!!!  They had just finished a performance that evening and were all in their performance outfits, wow!  They ran in unannounced and surprised the girls. 

Squeeels of delight could be heard blocks away.  They sang acapella and also with the Karaoke music and of course brought the birthday girl up on stage and sang "Pretty Woman".  What an incredible, memorable hit this easy CafĂ© Party turned out to be!

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