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Baby Einstein -1yr- Finger Puppets



January 2002


Lisa in LaPlace, LA  USA

Honorable Mention

Baby Einstein Party

My son's first birthday was in July 2001.  In honor of his favorite books and videos, we threw a "Baby Einstein" party. 

If you are not familiar with the Baby Einstein Company, they offer developmental materials for babies and young children.  Our favorite characters are "Vincent Van Goat" and "Bard the Poetic Dragon". 

INVITATIONS: I drew Vincent Van Goat and titled it "Let's Gogh to a Party!"  (Made one, then used a color copier to duplicate multiple invites.) 

DECORATIONS: Vincent is used to teach colors, so decorating was really easy and inexpensive by using multi-colored solid plates, napkins and cups. 

CAKE: I made a rectangular sheet cake, rounded the top two corners and then decorated it like Bard (using the video cover as a guide).  I'm a VERY amateur cake decorator, but this was really easy b/c the dragon design is quite simple and has very few colors that you have to deal w/ in terms of icing. 

FAVOR BAGS: I bought green bags w/ handles and rounded the top of each of the four sides of the bags with scissors.  I glued large googlie eyes and construction paper tongues/back spines/horns to make the bags look like Bard the dragon.  I made Bard finger puppets for each child as part of their favor bags (as well as Vincent and "Pavlov the Dog" puppets for my son which I later stitched up and turned into Christmas ornaments for our tree.) 

GAMES:  Our group of guests was too young to play any organized games, so we just played our Baby Einstein CD's and let all of the kids help open (and subsequently play with) Hunter's gifts.

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