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Baby Einstein Party -1yr- Puppet Show



January 2008


Mendy in St. Petersburg, FL USA


Baby Einstein Party

My daughter loved the Baby Einstein Videos in her first year so for her first birthday we decided to have a Baby Einstein birthday party for her. 

We invited several of the kids from our church so the ages ranged from less that a year old to 7 years old.  I decided to have a puppet show for the kids, in keeping with the Baby Einstein theme.  I got the youth from our church to put on a puppet show using the puppets from our church-we donated money towards their youth trip to thank them!  They put together the skit and the kids loved it! 

For the food we had PB & J sandwiches for the kids, with chips and pretzels and veggie and cheese tray for the adults (had it in the morning hours so we didn't need anything too heavy!)

For the cake I made a caterpillar cake (like the one on the videos), using small bowls to cook the cake in to create each part of the caterpillar and then decorated it with multi colors.  I used colored gum drops as little feet, twizzlers as antennae and M&Ms as the eyes.  I colored the cardboard I placed it on to make it look like grass. Since it was a one year olds party, we didn't make it too long. 

We did the puppet show first, ate food and cake and then let her open" presents. 

For each child I bought a child size plastic chair and painted their names on them-they used them to sit in for the puppet show and then took them home as their goody along with a bag of trinkets and candy!  It seemed to be a big hit even with a wide range of ages!    "

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