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Baby Einstein -1yr- Caterpillar Cake



January 2005


Debra in Vernon, CT USA


Baby Einstein Party

Baby Einstein Birthday Party We had a Baby Einstein Birthday Party for my son's 1st birthday. This was before Baby Einstein released their party supplies, so we weren't able to use any of those.

We made an invitation on Photoshop by scanning in the covers of videos and pages from books & "cutting & pasting" the characters all onto an invitation. We used a font and colors that resembled the Baby Einstein logo. It came out very professional looking.

For party supplies, I got all plates, napkins, cups and balloons in primary colors. We rented a helium tank and blew up 100 balloons (20 each of red, yellow, green, blue and purple). So, the balloons served as our primary decoration.

For the cakes, I made my son his own little caterpillar cake. I got the "mini sports ball" cake pan, which makes 6 half-balls. I frosted each ball a different primary color, drew a face on one & placed them very close together to resemble the Baby Einstein caterpillar. It came out perfect!! We got tons of compliments!! My son LOVED it!!

We made a second cake out of the "sports ball" cake pans (not the mini ones) for the adults. The cakes were the hit of the party and the perfect way to bring in the theme.

For favors, I got small solid, primary colored gift bags from the party store. In each one I put 1 small Baby Einstein chunky book, and 1 Baby Einstein tub toy (the tub toys were sold in sets of 3. I bought several sets & divided them up so that each child received one toy).

For thank you notes, I took a picture of him at the party with the caterpillar cake on his high chair & had it made into notecards on a digital picture developing website. They looked awesome!

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