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Baby Einstein -2yr- Pin Paintbrush on Van Gogh



June 2005


alexis in annapolis, maryland, usa


Baby Einstein Party

Baby Einstein 2nd Birthday Party for my daughter. 

I used the boxes from the Baby Einstein videos as a guide for the decorative fronts of my invitations and then wrote the party information on the back. 

Decorations were also enlarged replicas of the box covers, mounted on colored construction paper and oak-tag, placed around the party rooms with streamers and balloons.  Baby Einstein papergoods were purchased on-line.  Each activity was given a "Baby ___" name (i.e., Baby Neptune's Under the Sea Hot Potato). 

Games included hot potato (with age-appropriate prizes wrapped one on top of the next to be unwrapped when the music stopped.  Each child received one prize), Ball Toss (each child tossed a wiffle ball into a succession of 3 boxes, each which contained a small prize - boxes decorated to look like Baby Einstein Caterpillar) and Pin the Paintbrush on Baby Van Gogh. 

For crafts we made paper plate masks of Baby Beethoven (construction paper pieces glued onto paper plates with popsicle sticks for handles) and goodie bags of Baby Newton (felt pieces glued onto brown paper bags with handles) which they then used as their bags to take home their loot.  Each child received all craft supplies in their own zip-lock baggies so that all pieces to be assembled were ready to go for each of them. 

Food was simple - we just did bagels and cream cheese and fruit, but then I made Baby Einstein caterpillar cupcakes instead of one big cake.  I made a double batch of cupcakes.  Following the picture on the box, I colored my frosting appropriately and placed them together in shape of caterpillar.  I used m&m's for eyes and red string licorice for antennae. 

Each child took home their homemade bag, mask, farm animal pencils, erasers, Baby Einstein stickers and party blowers.  Huge Success!

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