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Baby Einstein Party -1yr- Baby Play Stations



December 2005


Kimberley in Winter Haven, Florida USA


Baby Einstein Party

I have boy/girl twins and had a difficult time deciding what theme to have for their first birthday.  My twins loved watching baby Einstein, so I decided to create a baby Einstein theme party. 

The party was going to include children from the ages of 1 to 8 with parents as well.  At the time there wasn't anything available with the baby Einstein characters on them so I used primary colors for all the paper products and table clothes and used Einstein hand puppets for center pieces for each table. 

I attached primary colored balloons to each puppet. Upon arriving each child had their picture taken with the twins in front of a large drawing of all the baby Einstein characters and received a white paper goodie bag that was decorated with the baby Einstein face and their name.  I created a poster for each of the baby Einstein characters and hung them around our backyard.  I prepared a station for each of the characters and as the children moved to each station (with their parent) they received a goodie for their goodie bag. 

The stations and goodies were: Baby Van Gogh~ painting (a premade picture frame made out of popcicle sticks), Baby Mozart/Bach ~ musical instruments (a kazoo), Baby Shakespeare ~ a puppet theater with a variety of puppets (each child made a paper bag puppet), Baby DoLittle ~ pin the tail on the lion (an animal sippy cup), Baby Neptune (sea animal bubbles) ~ toss the ring on the dolphin.

The cake was a sheet cake with round cake on top of it.  It was decorated with primary colors and streamers.  I used the baby Einstein frog and turtle off the baby Einstein travel flip cards as toppings(one of each side of the round cake) for the cake. 

Before the children left I glued the picture that was taken upon their arrival, to the picture frame they had painted at the Baby Van Gogh station.   We created our own thank you notes by drawing the baby Einstein face on each of the thank you notes and had the twins place a finger print by their name. All the children participated in each of the stations.

Baby Van Gogh and Baby Shakekspeare being the biggest hit.  All the parents said they had a great time doing the activities with their children and it was one of the best birthday parties they had been to.

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