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Backyardigans Super Spy -2yr- Disguise Favors



September 2009


Cait in Mickleton, NJ 08056


Backyardigans Party

My son was turning 2 and absolutely loved Backyardigans.  One of his favorite movies was Backyardigans Super Spy starring Pablo as a secret agent.

For the INVITATION I addressed them to Secret Agent Jon Doe and used a top secret stamp on the envelope.  The invitation read Congratulations you have been accepted into Pablo's Super Spy School with a picture of secret agent Pablo on the outside.  The inside read Your top secret training will be disguised as Jim's 2nd birthday I then listed the party info and a small note at the bottom which read This invitation will self destruct in 5 seconds.  Mom's told me they loved the invitation and their kids made then read them over and over again to them.

For DECORATIONS we did the typical party supply items of streamers and balloons.  I picked up Backyardigan themed party items at my local party supply store.

I made up small boxes for FAVORS and tied a balloon to each box.  The boxes acted as balloon weights and I placed them around the house.

For ACTIVITIES and GAMES I had a secret spy training camp.  Since the kids were so young I had simple age appropriate games to play to earn their secret agent status.  First I hid youth size fedora hats around the house.  Each kid received a magnifying glass and had to search and find their secret agent hat. 

Then we did pin the tie on Pablo.  As the kids played they received a secret agent disguise which were youth size plastic glasses with the mustache and nose attached.

Then we hit a pinata.  To determine which child went first (after the birthday kid of course) I randomly placed the number 2 on one of the bags and handed them out.  The child who got the number 2 on their bag went first. 

Finally when the kids sat nicely around the table for cake they earned their secret agent badges (sheriff stars) and were official secret agents.  I got the best picture of all the kids wearing their fedora hats, mustache glasses, badges and magnifying glasses.

The CAKE was a Backyardigans themed cake made by the local bakery.

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