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Backyardigan Party -3yr- Coconut Bowling



July 2008


Amie in Boynton Beach, FL United States


Backyardigans Party

For my daughter's 3rd birthday she wanted a Backyardigan party. 

Invitations:  We used already printed invitations from the party store.  My printer broke otherwise we were planning on making our own using the free backyardigan clip art on the internet.    

Activities:  All activities were based on episodes of the show. 

Surf's Up:  A Pablo Slip and Slide across the back yard. 

Castaway Coconut Bowling:  The pins were pineapples and the ball coconuts. We used plastic but you could do real if the children were older. 

Aloha Dancing:  We played backyardigan music and had hybicus flowers for the girls hair, and leis for all.  We also added a limbo stick for Lazer Limbo Rock

I Love Being a Princess:  We brought out the dress up clothes my daughter already had and I purchased a princess throne for my daughter for her birthday which we used in this area. ($10 at Walmart) I put out tiaras and wands for the girls in this area.

Pirate Treasure Hunt:  We purchased a Backyardigan sand box from ABC distributing (It has a pirate theme) and buried prizes in the sand. The boys could dress up like Pirate here.   

Cake:  The new backyardigan toppers had just come out but my daughter wanted to go with the Pirate ship from Publix.  We had our own pirate backyardigan figures which we substituted for the store pirates. The other idea that we tossed around was a clown cake with the Backyardigan clown figures on it.    

Favors:  The items we used at the different activities were individual so that kids could take these items home as goodies. (Tiaras wands Pirate eye patches Pirate hats Pirate scopes leis flowers surfboard keychains.)  All these items were purchased from Oriental Trading or Rhode Island Novelties.  These companys sell in bulk so it is inexpensive.  "

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