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Bear in Big Blue House -1yr- Bear T-Shirts



January 2002


Melinda in Coopersburg Pa USA


Bear in a Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House party.  My daughters first birthday was a huge success. 

We bought a Bear in the Big Blue House Costume and had a friend (10yrs old) be Bear. 

When the party guests arrived at our home Bear was there to greet them.  Each child got their picture taken with Bear, we also made a background picture of the other characters that Bear sat in front of. 

As party favors we made a Happy Birthday t-shirt for all the kids with Bear in the Big Blue House on the front of it. 

We taped songs off the video and played them the entire party over the loud speakers.  Thank gosh this party took place outside! 

My mom made cupcakes in the theme colors and I had my daughter picture taken professionally with Bear and we had that picture scanned onto the cake. 

We bought prizes from the Disney store and had a duck pond made out of a child's swimming pool and I put numbers on the bottom 1,2,3 for first, second and third prize.  The kids each had 3 turns picking ducks and had a blast. 

My daughter to this day still loves Bear.  What a great party!!!

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