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Bumble Bee Party 1yr - Bee Headbands



September 2004


Ileana in Niles, MI USA


Bumble Bee Party

For my youngest daughters 1st birthday in September 2004, we used a bumble bee theme. 

For the invitations we used yellow card stock and printed them in the computer.  We invited friends and family to "bee there" for her party.  We used bee stickers to decorate the invitations. 

For the cake we designed a bee-hive on top a quarter sheet cake and found a local cake artist that made the cake and added chocolate bees all over the beehive.  The cake turned out great and having it three dimensional added a lot to the decorating theme.  After we sang happy birthday we put the beehive part of the cake in front of her to have at it.  She throughly enjoyed digging her hands into the frosting and tasting it. 

For food my oldest daughter and I made 'bees' out of peanut butter and graham cracker crumbs, drizzled chocolate stripes on top of them, used mini chocolate chips for eyes, and slivered almonds as wings.  They turned out very cute and all the guest really enjoyed them.  We also made vanilla pudding cups layered with Oreo cookie crumbs to resemble bee stripes.  We used thin chocolate wafers cut in half for the wings, and black jelly beans for the eyes and black licorice for the antenas.  We put the cups all around the food table and they looked great.  We also painted some eggs yellow with black stripes and then glued white tissue paper wings on them we scattered the bees around the different food plates.  Besides the food mentioned above we had a cheese and cracker tray as well as a fruit salad and some small pastries.  We also painted some eggs yellow with black stripes and then glued white tissue paper wings on them we scattered the 'bees' around the different food plates.  We served orange juice with pineapple sherbet for drinks and I bought plain yellow cups and used black masking tape to make black stripes around them. 

We used a yellow tablecloth and decorated the table with while and black streamers.  We also had a couple of balloons bouquets in yellow and black.  I bought just solid yellow plates and napkins and black utensils.  Being that it was a 1st birthday party we did not have any formal games, the kids including the birthday girl wore headbands with "antennas" with yellow pom poms on the top and just enjoyed running around the yard "flying" like bees. 

I decorated yellow paper bags with bee stickers and used them for favor bags.  I put in the bags bee stickers, a bottle of bubbles and a little book titled Ben the Bee and tied them with black ribbon.  All in all the party turned out really cute.  Using yellow and black for decorations gave it a very bright and festive feeling.  I tried to use black sparingly but the little I used added a lot.

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