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Bumble Bees 1yr - Handmade Bee Invite



March 2005


Brandi in Clute, TX USA


Bumble Bee Party

Our first daughter's first birthday we did in bumble bee's, she loved bee's.

I made the invitations, I took white card stock and cut the bee's body out, painted them yellow with black stripes and of course a wonderfully cheerful face. I then cut vellum wings out, glued two bodies together with the wings and a ribbon between them, so as to make a mobile. I wrote the invite on the yellow stripes of the body that read, You are invited to come play and celebrate princess bumblee Emily Kay 1st birthday time date place bee there. I then bought jewelry gift boxes, and painted the bottom yellow and the top black, hot glued the ribbon to the lid, then glued a rafia bow to hide it and tied the box shut with rafia. I then hand delivered the invites.

The hats, I went to the party store and bought plain yellow hats, painted stripes on them glued pipe cleaners with pom poms on the end for antenna's, painted faces on them and of course put vellum wings on the sides. My daughter's hat also had a crown around that I made out of card stock with jewels on it, we got her to wear it long enough to take a picture.

The gift bags, I got yellow plain bags and painted black stripes on them, punched holes in the top, tied rafia through it, and cut out a small bee and wrote the child's name in calligraphy on it.

The decorations I took the extra bee's that I had from the invites and put fishing string through them and attached them to the ceiling, I also took black and yellow pipe cleaner and made bee's with googly eyes and put them from the ceiling too. Of course I had yellow and black streamer, no balloons chocking hazard. I made a fruit salad with fruits that any child over 8 months could eat.

The cake I bought a large round cake pan and a small one and put them together, I also made a smaller one for my daughter. All of these things are now in her memory box, I have no pics of the cake the film was double exposed. I highly recommend for a first bday hanging things from the ceiling that was her favorite part she kept walking around going bzzzzzz!

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