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Bumble Bee 1yr - Pin a Stinger on the Bee



May 2010


Courtney in San Antonio, TX USA

Honorable Mention

Bumble Bee Party

For my niece's first birthday her mom wanted to do bumble bees. 

For the invitation we took a picture of her in a bee costume in the middle of wild flowers.  We live in Texas and during April the wild flowers are everywhere and are very colorful.  Then we typed out Don't miss (child's name) first Bee-Day party!  The picture that we took was under the wording.  The card opened and the party info was inside.  Meet at the Bee Hive (address) at (time), R.S.V.P. to the Queen Bee (number), than at the bottom it read hope you will Bee there!  We found little painted bees at Michaels that we added in and added black dashes behind it so that it looked like it was flying. 

Michaels had tons of little bee crafts in the dollar spot.  We got them to stick in the goodie bags.  They had bee frames with mini markers, bee key rings, and wooden bee puzzled with mini markers.  For the goodie bag we found black and yellow cloth bags for a $1.  We used a craft cutter to cut out circlers in flower print fabric and then did the same with a bee in solid black or yellow. Then we used fabric glue to glue down the flowered circle and then the bee.   Inside went honey grahams, the items from Michaels, bee mask (4 for a $1 at the dollar store)and large bee shaped cookies (homemade and wrapped). 

For tableware we used paper plates and napkins with pink flower print. We found large wooden bees at the dollar store, we painted them and hung them around the cake and other food.   After Easter we found little baskets that looked like a bee, we used these to hold the forks, spoons, etc. 

The cake had the same photo that the invitation did with flowers around it.  On the cake table we found little bee hives that were meant for sugar and cream, but we just had them sitting out to dress things up a bit. The food and cake tables were covered in the same fabric that went of the goodie bags (flower print).  Outside the tables where guests ate were covered in black and yellow plastic.  For the center pieces we saved baby formula cans and cleaned them out.  Then we covered them with yellow cardstock paper and added pink ribbon around  the center.  Where the ribbon meet we added a circle with the letter D for the birthday girl.  Inside we had a flower arrangement with painted wooden bee on clear sticks, to look like they were flying around.  On each side of the center piece we had black and yellow balloons. 

Food was simple hot dogs, chips and dip, mac and cheese, fruit and veggie trays, tea, and lemonade.  On the trees we added paper cut out of bees and flowers.  On the fence leading guest into the party we made a banner using the paper cutter.  We cut out bee hives and added a letter inside each one that read Happy BEE Day (Child's name).  We strung them together and hung it up. 

After guest ate we started playing games.  We did pin the stinger on the bee.  We just took a picture of a bee and blew it up and colored it.  Then we made little black stingers for each child.  Then we had a bee toss.  We found a bean bag toss game with flowers.  It had three flowers and the centers were cut out.  We didn't use the bean bag but instead used bee shaped Easter eggs filled with beans and glued together.  Prizes were kept simple and were just colorful and bee print pencils.  The last game we had was a bee pinata filled with different candy and toys.  Each child got a brown bag with their name on it and a bee sitting in a flower.  After games we had cake and ice cream and then opened gifts.  For thank you notes her mom found bee shaped cards at Hobby Lobby, that were blank on the inside.  Perfect for writing a sweet thank you.

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