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Cheetah Girls -10yr- Cheetah Print Invitations



July 2004


Melissa in Patagonia, Arizona USA


Cheetah Girls Party

The Cheetah Girls!  My daughter is turning 10 next week, and we have decided on a CHEETAH GIRLS theme.  I got the idea after seeing my daughter's love for the show and the music. 

I began by renting our church hall, because it has a 'stage' where the girls can put on their show! We found some very cool "cheetah girl" stuff in Oriental Trading Co.'s magazine. We also found inflatable microphones and animal print balloons!  We are having a slumber party lockdown style at the church reception hall.  Plenty of room, the stage, and a kitchen to feed everyone.

The invitations were made on our computer with a cheetah print, informing everyone of the date, and time, and reminding the girls to wear their best Cheetah Girl outfits.  Pizza and cake for everyone at 6:00 PM, followed by a Karaoke party for the girls and the Cheetah Girl Karaoke CD available via mail order. 

I bought plenty of snacks for the night, as well as extra CDs to listen to, and the Cheetah Girl movie for inspiration.      

In the morning, while the girls clean up, I plan on making them French Toast with all the trimmings, followed by a day at the local wave action pool.  The girls will be returning home 6:00 PM the following day.     

Our decorations are $1 store plain white table cloths that we stamped with cat paw stamps available at WalMart in the craft section, and the animal print balloons from OTC.  Her cake was a XEROX copy of Cheetah Skin Print, made into an edible layer for her cake, and covered with teen rock star girls singing and dancing.      

OTC had a variety of animal print paper sacks, and I filled them with various goodies such as pens and pads of paper, bandanas, pens, coin purses and headbands, all in animal print theme.  The girls will all get to keep their inflatable microphones as well.     

This is a great party for a girl who is no longer a little girl, but not a teen yet.  She feels she is getting a 'grown up' party, not a baby party, and I can feel comfortable knowing not only are the girls having a good time, in a building where its okay to run around and sing and dance and play their music, and still be safe, but my house remains untouched and pre-teen invasion free!

The total cost for this party, including food, fees to get into the pool was just at $150.00.  Pretty reasonable! Please remember, if you plan on transporting your party-goers anywhere, take into consideration how many children you can transport safely!     

I love your web-site! I think it is a fantastic way for people to share their creative ideas.  We are all parents who love our children and want to give the best parties possible.  I myself have borrowed several ideas in the past.  I am hoping this one is original and sparks a new trend! Keep up the good work!

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