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Cheetah Girls Party -8yr- Cheetah Girl Express



August 2004


Garnett in Cheltenham, PA -USA


Cheetah Girls Party

Theme: Cheetah Girls For my daughter's 8th birthday,  the Disney movie "Cheetah Girls" was the theme.

We used leopard border paper as the invitations. Instead of renting a limousine, we decorated our SUV with banners/streamers made in leopard print and paws.

My husband dressed up like a driver in a black suit and dark glasses. He picked up my daughter and her friends from school. He stood by the main door holding a large sign that read "CHEETAH GIRL EXPRESS."  He took their book bags, opened the door and took them to the mall. I met them at the mall and took the girls shopping for accessories and then to dinner.

We returned home and the sleepover party began with an "American Idol" contest using a karoake machine and different flashlights to create "dancing lights." Each girl could perform a solo or pair up for a duo act. They had feather boas, hats, make-up, and other clothes to use as dress-up.

Next we played musical chairs playing the hippest music. We took pictures and decorated picture frames with leopard/cheetah fabric and glitter. The girls were able to use colored glue to write a saying on the frame.

Next,the girls watched movies and talked into the wee hours of the morning. Saturday was the outdoor party with a water balloon toss game, kickball and the "Fear Factor" game. I used gummi worms, honey and crushed oreo cookies.

I spread honey over the gummi worms and then rolled them with the crushed cookies until they looked like real worms. We blindfolded each of the kids, one at a time, and they were led to the plate of "worms." The other attendees would make comments like "Oh my goodness, did it just move?!"

The children didn't know what to expect - it was so much fun and the hit of the party.

Everyone won a prize and then we ended the party with a pinata.

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