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Cheetah Girl Party -9yr- Cheetah-licious Makeovers



March 2008


Patty in Barrington,NH USA


Cheetah Girls Party

INVITATIONS: For my daughter's 9th birthday she decided on a birthday party at home, with the theme being the Cheetah Girls.  Since I have yet to find a store in our area that has anything Cheetah Girl themed in it, my attention turned to the internet. 

I started off on EBAY, where I was able to get customizable invitations that looked like concert tickets.  The seller was excellent, and not only customized the tickets, but the order as well.  Instead of getting 20 invitations, which was the original auction, she set up an auction for just 12 invitations.  This cuts down not only on waste, but on cost. 

DECORATIONS:  For decorations, I'm going to our local party store to pick up animal print balloons and decorations.  I am also going to pick up purple colored plates, silverware and napkins at the local dollar store.  I am also going to go back to A perfect party and order some Cheetah Girl Themed decorations from them also. 

GAMES and ACTIVITIES: For activities, the girls are going to have the following games available. 

Pin the microphone on the rock star, using a poster and cut outs of microphones.  What color are you cheetah spots personality quizzes. 

Musical Stars. Our version of musical chairs but using cut out stars and Cheetah Girl Music. 

We also plan on having an area set up for Cheetah-licious makeovers. 

We are also setting up a stage area, using pallets covered with plywood, and then decorating the area to look purr-fect for the girls to make their own music videos.  During the party we'll burn copies of the videos for the girls to take home also.  I have also picked up different prizes on EBAY to give out after playing the games.  Activity sets, projector pens, card games.  I started about three months in advance of the party so I could find the best deals and have plenty of time for shipping. 

PARTY SNACKS: For food we are going to have age appropriate Tappas, and mock sangria, cake and ice cream cups. 

I also found a good source for party supplies after some searching, A Perfect Party Zone, which is in North Carolina but who had wonderful speedy service and we were able to get Cheetah Girl Lip gloss, stickers and tattoos for our goody bags.  Also in the goody bags I am making up CD's with my daughter's favorite Cheetah Girl Songs, we'll have glow sticks, and animal print slap bracelets.  I also was able to find customizable candy bar wrappers on eBay, so we're going to include those too.  Also on Ebay I have my eye on customizable party favor boxes. 

I also found an editable, edible image for a cake.  I talked to our local grocery store bakery and they are going to design our cake around the image! 

Since my daughter's birthday is in early May we needed to be able to have the party outside if its good weather, but also inside if it decides to rain.  We found that we can adapt this party to either weather hopefully everything will work out great! 

My daughter is very excited that her theme can actually be worked out, and is looking forward to her special day.

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