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Cheetah Girl -8yr- Karaoke Box & Makeup Favors



January 2005


Shelley in O'Fallon, IL  USA


Cheetah Girls Party

Cheetah Girl Party for 8yr Old  For my daughters 8th birthday party she wanted to have a Cheetah Girl party. 

Since the cheetah stuff is readily available, but not the Cheetah Girls we had to do some creative thinking. 

The invitations were done on the computer and I used cheetah print scrapbooking paper to frame the invitation.  I asked the girls (10) to wear a shirt that would coordinate with the cheetah print on the invitation (black, pink, red, white). 

When the girls arrived, I gave each a cheetah print skirt to wear & keep.  I made these out of fleece.  They were a simple elastic waist pattern & with the fleece they didn't need to be hemmed. I had a friend make a stage out of wood & I covered it w/ inexpensive vinyl to protect their feet from splinters.  I taped white Christmas lights around the stage.

In addition to the stage, I taped gold, black and silver stars to the ceiling, hanging from curling ribbon.  I also taped CD's to the ceiling with curling ribbon.

Finally I bought silver fringe curtains to hang behind the stage. We had a karaoke machine for the girls to sing.I purchased inflateable guitars and microphones from Oriental Trading and had them inflated ahead of time.

I purchased eyeshadow compacts at the dollar store & cut a star out of the same cheetah print used for the invitations.  I then wrote each girls name & glued it to the makeup to keep them from sharing. 

Each girl also received "crazy hair " which was bright colored fake hair scrunchies (Oriental Trading). 

When the girls arrived,they received a backstage pass (made on the computer),they changed into their cheetah skirts & began to prepare themselves for party (ie. Hair, makeup). We had music playing and once they dolled themselves up, they headed for the stage with guitars and microphones.  Some hit the stage singing, others were more reserved. 

We played "telephone" for the game and pin the mic on the rock star.  I bought posters of Rock Stars to decorate the basement & I cut microphones out of black paper. 

The cake was an ice cream cake with the cheetah print background. 

For the party favors the girls got to keep the skirts, hair, makeup. I also burned each a CD of my daughters favorite songs  and found a cheetah print CD case to send them home in. 

The girls had a blast and many stayed long after the "party" was over.  The stage still remains in the basement for continued karaoke fun.

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