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Cheetah Girls! -5yr- Cupcake Cones Like Microphones



June 2006


Monique in Nashua, NH


Cheetah Girls Party

Cheetah Girls Rock star party for 5 year old girl. My daughter had become quite fond of the Disney channels "The Cheetah Girls" so we decided on this kind of party. 

My gracious mother had made tube tops in a cheetah print for every girl coming to the party.  I bought cheap microphones that I wrapped the stem with a fluffy cheatah print material from Joann fabrics (clearanced).  With the extra i made little cheetah wrist bands. I also punked my daughters hair with a fake hair piece(clearanced at Kohls). 

As the girls arrived they were each given thier top to put on, thier microphone, wrist cuff and had thier makeup done(parent permission) for the performance. I had made a fake stage out of recycled cardboard for the backdrop. I made it in the likeness of an expensive stage sold at party stores. 

On each star at the top I wrote each girls name.  The door way of the stage was a doorway set of hanging star beads-it was a great back drop for photos and thier performance of course! 

We played musical chairs, freeze dance and animal action. 

I made cupcakes in ice cream cones to resemble microphones.  I used those silver dot candies to cover them(purchased at a local bakery). They were given candy necklaces to accessorize their outfits as a prize for game playing.

I had bought gold shiny bday hats and blowouts (they came as a set) at the dollar store that matched perfect and the rock star partyware at a local party store(clearanced). 

Each girl was given a music CD with my daughter's favorite songs on it (and those we used at the party) along with her top as the party favor. 

It was huge hit!  I think I may even do it again when she gets a bit older:)

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