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Cheetah Party - DVD Performance Video Favors



November 2006


Tiffany in Crookston, MN


Cheetah Girls Party

My daughter loves the Cheetah Girls movie and soundtrack so I decided to have a cheetah girls theme birthday party.

I called the local college and asked if I could rent the auditorium for 2 hours.  I ended up getting it for free!!

Invitations: I made my own invitations using Microsoft Publisher and downloaded a picture of the cheetah girls for the background.  Very cute!! I used stickers for the envelope and cheetah print stamps.  

Decorations: Cheetah print balloons, stars that the children made when they arrived using glitter. They also wrote their names on the stars.

They helped decorate the stage for their performance which they loved. I had a table with glitter and confetti on it to resemble a table in a dressing room for rock stars with food and drinks on it. I asked if I could borrow the microphones from the music dept. I then decorated it with cheetah print fabric. 

During the party: when kids arrived they got to change into their cheetah clothes which were made from fabric (skirt and shirt). They then got their favor bags and used that stuff for the accessories. They then got to make their stars and decorate the stage.

They then got themselves ready for the party by putting on make up and fixing their hair (so cute).  After rehearsing for the show they put the show on which was video taped. We then had a photo shoot. Time to eat!!

We had pizza and juice using wine glasses to go with the diva theme. Time for cake!  I made microphone cakes using a cone and cupcakes. I made black frosting for the top and sprinkled edible glitter stuff.     

Favors: I found a lot of cute things at to go along with the theme.  Necklaces, note pads for lyrics, pens, bags, stickers,friendship bracelets,coin purses, and paper fans for the divas.  I also made a cd for each child with Cheetah Girls songs on it 

Extra stuff:  I took the photos to the kodak picture maker and put borders and words on it like Diva, Rock star, ect. I made individual DVD's of the performance for each child using a DVD burner.

Parents loved that!!! It was a lot of work but well worth it!!!  The kids talked about it for a long time after.  Parents loved it as well.

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