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Cheetah Girls Party -5yr- Cheetah T-Shirts



November 2006


Jodi in Ft Wayne Indiana


Cheetah Girls Party

Cheetah Girls 5 yr old party My daughter and her two best friends LOVE Cheetah girls, so we decided to have a Cheetah Girls Diva Day at the mall for her birthday. 

The day will begin by meeting at our house to get ready.  I bought each of the girls Cheetah Girls t-shirts from Sears (they have a good assortment of Cheetah Girls clothing.)  The t-shirts are kind of plain, but my daughter just fell in love with them, so I am making belts, purses and bracelets all with cheetah print fabric.

I made a cd for the girls with their favorite "Cheetah-licious" songs.  

The girls were requested to wear denim mini skirts and black boots. 

After getting ready, we are heading to the mall for make-overs at Libby Lu's, then we are having a fashion model photo shoot at Picture People. 

We are then going to lunch at a restaurant at the mall that makes a big deal singing for birthdays, and then shopping 'til we drop. 

My husband makes home movies as a hobby, so I am taking a ton of pictures to make a dvd with the pictures set to "Cheetahs, Amigas friends for life" as part of their thank you card. 

The girls have been waiting for the party for 3 weeks and are all about to explode.  I think us moms are, too.  We are all so excited.

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