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Clifford Party -1yr- Doghouse Invitation



March 2002


Laura in Bakersfield, California USA

Honorable Mention

Clifford The Big Red Dog

We had a Clifford birthday party for my son's 1st birthday. 

I made the invitations using rubber stamps and clip art.  On the front I stamped red paws leading into the inside of the invitation.  On the front it read "Come join the fun . . ."  On the inside of the invitation I stamped a doghouse. On the doghouse I wrote our address, date and time for the party.  I added clip art presents and dogs and 1 Clifford dog.  Clifford was holding a balloon that read "_______'s Turing 1!"

For the decorations I did everything in red, yellow, and blue.  I made 8 large Clifford's, in various poses, on red bulletin board paper by using an overhead projector to enlarge them.  I hung these Clifford's in the toy room, on the front door, in the entryway, and behind the present and cake tables.  Each Clifford had on a party hat and was holding a bouquet of three balloons (red, yellow, & blue).  On the front of the house I taped large red dog prints leading up to the Clifford on the front door of the house.  I also hung red, yellow, and blue streamers. 

For the party favor bags, I enlarged a clip art doghouse, copied it onto brown paper and glued it to the front of the small brown paper lunch bags.  Over the doorway I wrote each child's name.  In the bag I put red, yellow, and blue candies, a Clifford happy meal toy from a local fast food restaurant, yellow dogbone sugar cookies I had made from a local bakery, bubbles and red blowers. 

I had a white cake made and used the happy meal toys to decorate the cake.  I had one Clifford on the cake and around the edges placed red, yellow, and blue dog bones. 

As people began to arrive, I played a Clifford video, "Happy Birthday Clifford." The children could either watch the video or play in the toy room.  In the toy room I had also placed Clifford activity pages (coloring pages, hidden pictures, etc.) and a Clifford floor puzzle. When the video was over, it was time to eat. 

After eating we played 3 games;

Pin the tail on Clifford,

Doggie Doggie Where's Your bone (modified; I hid a dog bone and whoever found it won the game),

and Dog bone guessing jar (I filled a jar with dog bones and whoever guessed the closest amount won).

 As prizes I gave away a Clifford video, Clifford books, and a stuffed Clifford. 

After the games we opened presents and had cake and vanilla ice cream with red sprinkles.

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