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Clifford Big Red Dog -4yr- Popular Dog Music Playing



Sept 2002


Angela in Springfield, MO USA

Honorable Mention

Clifford The Big Red Dog

For my daughter's 4th birthday she wanted a Clifford the Big Red Dog Party. 

First, we purchased the Clifford party plates, tablecloth, centerpiece, etc. 

I had a friend make Clifford invitations.  They were shaped like Clifford and said, "Hi, I'm ____ and this is my dog Clifford."  (Just like Emily Elizabeth says on the show.)  "Music, games, treats, and more... _______is turning 4!  Clifford, Clifford, he's the best... We want you to be our guest!  Clifford says... Don't forget to wear red!" 

I made giant dog bones from white poster board and hung them from the ceiling in the party room and above the party table.  I also hung red balloons and red streamers plus had "loose" red balloons around on the floor.  We drew giant red paw prints with sidewalk chalk leading up to the front door.  We also made Clifford's doghouse out of an appliance box.  We painted it white with a red roof and wrote Clifford above the door.  It looked just like Clifford's!  It was large enough for several kids to get in at once. 

My husband made a CD of all dog songs that we had playing during the party like Who Let the Dogs Out, B-I-N-G-O, Wags the Dog (The Wiggles), How Much Is That Doggy In The Window, You Ain't Nothin But a Houndog, the Clifford theme song, etc. 

Everyone arrived wearing red.  We played freeze dance to the dog music, Hot Clifford (like hot potato with a stuffed Clifford), Musical Bones (giant bones on the ground to step on instead of chairs, when a child was out he had to go to the doghouse),and Doggy, Doggy, Where's Your Bone (using a rawhide dog chew bone).  Prizes were Clifford coloring books (99 cents each at the party store). 

The cake was, of course, a Clifford cake.  We served vanilla ice cream with a dog bone cookie with red sugar stuck in each scoop.  I also put out giant red bowls of "kibbles and bits" (cocoa puff cereal) and red M&M's.  The cake and ice cream were served in personalized red dog bowls.  I used a white paint pen to paint each child's name on the bowls.  (I got these at Big Lots for 99 cents each.)  We also had red juice boxes.  

The party favors were brown paper "doggy bags" with a personalized dog bone glued on the front.  (I painted them white and wrote names with a red paint pen.)  I tied the bags closed with red curling ribbon.  Inside each was a Clifford ball, Clifford stickers, tiny doghouse shaped notepads that a friend made, a small box of crayons, a red tootsie pop, and a can of red playdough.  Each child also took home a red balloon. 

The party was awesome!  It really got crazy when everyone tried to squeeze in the doghouse for a party pic!  Having the guests wear red was a big hit and just added to the "redness" of the whole party!

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