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Cliffard Party -3yr- Fetch a Ball Relay



May 2003


Shani in Plano, TX, USA

Honorable Mention

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog Party - 3rd B'day.  My son wanted a Clifford Party for his 3rd b'day. I bought Clifford invitations from a party store.

For decorations I had lots of Clifford and Happy B'day balloons in the area I was using to serve food for the kids. I hung red streamers, a Clifford B'day banner and Clifford cut outs all over the wall.   

When all the kids arrived we painted their faces with whiskers and little doggie noses.

The first game we played was Dog and the Bone. The kids were seperated into 2 teams and each assigned a number. I had cut out a poece of felt to look like a bone, which we threw in to the middle and then called out a number. The two players in each team with the same number runs into the middle to get the bone first.

After doing this for awhile I set up a table with a pyramid of cups and the kids took turns to throw balls to break the pyramid.

Then we had a doggie relay. Again the kids were separated into 2 teams. At one end of the yard I had set up 2 dog bowls filled with water and several small balls in each of them. Make sure the balls are large enough to preven choking. The kids had to go on all fours upto the bowl, take a ball with their mouths and bring it back to the end of the line without putting the ball on the floor. The kids really had a great time playing this.

And last but not the least they pinned the tail on Clifford. My 5 yr old drew Clifford on a poster board and the kids used red feathers as the tail.  

For food I served hot dogs, pop corn and Clifford fruit snacks. For drinks I made a red berry punch with pink lemonade, Berrry punch concentrate and ginger ale. Every thing was served in store bought Clifford party ware.

I made a cake with Red Velvet cake mix which looked really great when it was cut. I frosted the cake and pasted an edible Clifford image on it. This was very simple but looked really great.

The kids took home with them brown paper doggie bags with clifford bubbles, clifford whistles, clifford sidewalk chalk, a dog stamp, and a note book shaped like a dog and great big smiles!!

Every one had tons of fun.

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