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Puppy Party -2yr- Dog Bone Hunt



Oct 2003


Courtney in Camarillo, California


Clifford The Big Red Dog

Puppy Party - 2yr old

INVITATIONS: My daughter loves dogs and I didn't want to follow any particular dog (ie: Blue, Scooby, Clifford) so I made my own invitations. I purchased copper brown paper and matching envelopes at the local scrapbooking store and bought real-looking dog "die-cuts" from Target (made by Paperhouse). I prnited on plain vellum paper and attached with a ribbon.

The invitations said:  "Wagging Happy Tails and silly, sloppy kisses,  Puppies barking out their special Birthday wishes. Their favorite little girl will soon be turning two, So they've gathered up a litter, to celebrate with you. So join us for some puppy chow as we frolic in the sun, It's sure to be a "pawfect" day and some dog on fun!"  ________'s 2nd Birthday Party Date Time  The _________ Kennel Address City  RSVP: Lady & The Tramp Phone  I used raised doubled sided stickers to adhere the die cut dogs to the invitations and used a matching ribbon at the top in copper and black. We used these colors since they were as close to a "dog" color as we could get.  We addressed the matching envelopes and used the matching dog stickers from Paperhouse which were also at Target.  

DECORATIONS: Since we were having almost 50 people, we rented tables and chairs and bought matching tablecloths in black and gold-brown. I took a rubber stamp of a paw-print and stamped the golden tablecloths so you could see the paw prints all over. At each table we put a stuffed animal dog (purchased at Target on clearance) which we later gave away. We rented a helium tank and filled the house with over 100 balloons in matching earth tone colors and placed stickers on some balloons of puppies. I also purchased a bubble blower (Bubblepro) at a local novelty store and had that going outside for effect. Kids loved the bubbles.

ACTIVITIES: As each child came in we directed them to the "Kennel" area which was outside. I hired a young teenager to face paint paws, whiskers, etc on the kids. She then placed a bandana of their choice (different colors) and a homemade "dog tag" around their neck. Once they were transformed into dogs, they had their photo taken in front of a cardboard dog house we purchased from Shindigz (online and personalized with her name on it) and then set aside the poloroid with their name on it. (Very cute) The home-made dog tags were raised stickers (Party City) of dogs and then I placed contact paper behind them so they weren't sticky anymore and cut them out with an exacto knife. Whole punched them and placed them on dog tag chain bought at a bead store. Kids LOVED them! We also set crayons out so they could color the outside of the cardboard dog house.

They then went to the dog bounce house (a brown generic dog) and bounced until the REAL puppies arrived. We hired a company ( to come in and bring 15 puppies to the party. They set up a small fenced area in the shade and all the children got to go in, sit down and let the puppies run around them. They could pet them, hold them, etc. Great photos and kids and puppies never got tired! They stayed an hour. Once they left we were ready to wash hands and eat. 

FOOD: We hired a local burger place to come and cook for the group. Well worth the money. We just set up tables for the food to be placed on and they did the rest. We had hot"dogs" and hamburgers, tri-tip sandwiches, potato salad and fruit salad. We served snack chips and chex mix in large dog bowls around the house and outside patio. Purchased Clifford Juice boxes for the kids. Couldn't theme out the party too much with the food but kept it casual. 

GAMES: After lunch we had a dog pinata that I filled with Snoopy fruit snacks, mini candy hot "dogs" (Target), novelty dog toys from Party Max and Party City, dog stickers, and anything else related to dogs and toys or candy. Handed out clear bags with dog stickers on them that I made.

We also made up a game. Go Fetch! Purchased a dog poster (Cost Plus) and attached velcro to each of the mini dogs on the front. We gave the kids foam balls with opposing velcro (so it would stick) to the balls. They had to throw it and see if it would stick to any of the dogs. Every one that tried it got a lollipop. This was great, the kids loved it and required no supervision except a line on the cement and a stand to hold the poster.

Our final game was a dog bone hunt. I purchased fake dog bones online (Shindigz) and wrapped toys to them with raffia. We hid them in the yard and the kids got to go look for them. Younger kids first then the older kids. They put them in their loot bags from earlier. 

CAKE: We decided to get an ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins and took a photo of my daughter with a neighbor's yellow labrador (we don't have a dog!) and gave it to the ice cream store. They did a "freeze frame" cake which is the photo scanned in on the cake in edible icing. It was beautiful and my daughter kept pointing at the cake and saying, "There I am Mommy!". It was perfect for a warm day and the photo cake was great for our theme. 

FAVORS: For each guest (adults) I baked up a gingerbread recipe (since it's brown like a dog bone) and shaped them using a large dog bone cookie cutter. I then mixed some cocoa puffs, chex cereal, popped popcorn and coated it with marshmellow cream (not marshmellows)and baked it for 10 minutes. It hardens into a sweet chexmix. This was my homemade "dog chow" and I placed a cup full or more in each clear bag along with a large dog-bone cookie and tied it with the matching ribbon from the invitation.

For each child, I purchased tiny boxes in a golden color and placed a stuffed animal dog that barked if you pushed on it. I had black tissue with the dog coming out of the box and another smaller dog bone cookie under the dogs chin. I placed their Poloroid photo in the box as well from earlier that day. Each box had their name on it and was tied with matching ribbon. 

Everyone agreed it was an amazing party. From the adults to the kids, from the real puppies to the stuffed puppies, the party was a huge success. It took an enormous amount of time but the payoff was the look on my 2-year old's face when she held a little puppy in her arms on her birthday. We knew she loved her party but it wasn't until just a week ago that she woke up in the middle of the night calling for us. We went in her room and she called us closer, "I have a secret", she whispered. We leaned in and she whispered in my husband's ear, "I had a doggie party, Daddy!". We all laughed it had been almost two months since her birthday party!

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