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Clifford Big Red Dog -1yr-Bone Cake



February 2005


Jaime in Edwards, Ca    USA


Clifford The Big Red Dog

For my son's first birthday we went with Clifford the Big Red Dog theme.

For the decorations: At the front entryway of the door I built a dog house around the frame of the  front door so that when you walk in the door it is like you are walking into Cliffords dog house. While walking up to the house I used different colored sidewalk chalks to create a pattern of paw prints along the walk and to Cliffords dog house at the front door.

Inside we had Clifford decorations on the walls with balloons, a pet parlor where the kids could get their faces painted to look like dogs and other animals.  We also had a table set up where kids could color some of their favorite pictures of Clifford to take home with them.

For lunch: we served hot dogs, sub sandwiches and pizza. It was pretty inexpensive to serve 30 guests because we made the sub sandwiches and baked a couple of frozen pizzas and warmed up the hot dogs with buns and everyone had a choice of what they wanted.

For the cake we made it in the shape of a bone by using a 13x9 inch pan and 2 cupcakes for each end and shaped it a little more and frosted it with a Clifford decoration on the cake sitting to blow out his candle and paw prints leading up to the decoration on the cake.

We also handed out chocolate chip cookies in the shape of dog bones which we used the ready bake cookies and cut them out after they baked with a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and for the guests  to take with them we gave them cupcakes with a paw print on each one.

For his first birthday there were more adults there than children so we had a jar that everyone could guess how many dog biscuits were in and everyone got a chance to play and we gave a prize to the winner.

We sent the babies home with doggie bags which were plain lunch paper bags with a paw print we drew on the front and inside we gave them biter biscuits that were individually wrapped and a bottle and a bib in each. For the few older children they were given coloring books with crayons and candy in theirs.

Everyone had a great time.

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