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Curious George Party -2yr- Melon Head Fruit Kabobs



March 2007


Barbara in Fayetteville, NC, USA

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Curious George Party

For my daughters 2nd birthday I planned a Curious George party.  Here it is... a party for 11 children ages 2-10 with only 2 being older than 5.  I purchased the Curious George party supplies, cups, plates, napkins etc from Party City.

Ordered the cake topper from Ebay you can also find in online at Bithday express.  I ordered a round simply decorated cake with white frosting and an light yellow trim. I used chocolate sprinkles to cover the entire area of the top of the cake. I used the palm trees and the little hamock with George on it and the George candles from Party City... I also wrote Happy Birthday Sky on the cake with red icing. 

The cake was rather small because the topper looks better on a small round cake opposed to the sheet cake. Because of the small cake I baked up 2 batches of cupcakes and ordered 24 rings from Ebay that are Curious George. I also bought sprinkles in primary colors and alternated one with sprinkles and one with a cupcake ring. I arranged them on a cupcake tree.  The cake was a real hit!

But the hit of the party was the melon head and the chocolate fountain. Both the adults and the kids loved it. You need a chocolate fountain set up as instructed. I would do this first so that you can tweak it if needed.

The melon head is so much fun, you take a melon the smooth one honey dew. Cut the bottom so that it sits flat on a platter. You will need a melon ball scooper you will also need the wooden kabobs. From the bottom you need to scoop out into balls and set aside. You will then need whatever other fruits that you like. I used strawberries and pineapples and bananas. I also used marshmellows.

Once you have all the fruit cut and set aside use your skewers to form kabobs. These kabobs will be the melon heads hair. You can also get creative and make a face for him. I used blueberries on top of a small slice of bananas for the eyes and a cherry mouth you can do whatever you like.  Once melon head was put together I sat him next to the fountain, along with a bowl of pretzels and whatever fruit did not make it onto a kabob.  I bought a 5 inch butterfly cookie cutter and made finger sandwiches. I did PB&J and PB & Bananas for the kids.

For the adults I did a spinach/cream cheese spread (much like the spinach dip) and chicken salad.  I served sodas, juices and flavored waters.  Everyone loved it.   At the patio door I hid a bubble machine, you can get the Gazillion Bubble Machine at Toys R US and arranged my palm trees and ferns so the children would walk through what would look like the jungle to them.

Once they were outside there were baloons and streamers everywhere. I had a party tent, the small ones that you can buy and put up by yourself. I had a table set up underneath it with the food and I also I had drink buckets. 

Next Activities. We played the Curious George pin the monkey on the palm tree game, available at party city and ebay. 

We played the game Elefun. The kids loved catching the butterflies.  We also had a treasure hunt. I gave each child a pair of binoculars from the dollar store and had previously hidden all sorts of Curious George items throughout the yard. We hid butterfly nets, barrels of monkeys, beach balls, bananas, in the sandbox I had museum type artifacts buried in the sand. At the onset of the treasure hunt the children were given beach pails to carry the treasures in.  I did have small dollar store prizes to give to the winners you could do prize ribbons instead!  

We also had a pinata. I did not do the loot bags or the party bags. The kids each went home with the pails and the items collected at the treasure hunt. With a little sneaking around you can get each preschooler to have the same amount of items in the pails My friend helped with the party and while we were doing another activity she gathered all the pails and set them straight as well as placing the the thank you notes in them. 

It was really a great party we covered a lot in the 3 hours allocated with no meltdowns and no drama. We did however leave the opening of the gifts for after the party. Kids can't really deal with gift giving. So.. We left that for later. 

Well, I hope this helps someone! I really got a lot of compliments on it.  Oh and I was going to rent a bouncy jungle thing. But we have a trampoline and I decided to decorate the netting with streamers and let them use that instead. Besides those jumpy things always smell like feet! Lol

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