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Frog Party -6yr- Homemade Frog Swim Suits



February 2010


Dana in Mc Calla, Alabama USA

Honorable Mention

Frog Party

Invitation:  I bought green, red, and various colored glitter fun foam sheets at the local craft store.  I found a good frog cartoon frog shape on the computer and printed it to use as my template.  I traced the frog shape onto the green fun foam and cut it out.  Then, I glued big googly eyes at the top.  I cut long strips with a v-shape at the end out of the red fun foam for the tongue.  Then, I glued a piece of a red pipe cleaner under the tongue" so that I could bend it and make it stick out.  I attached it by cutting a small slit in the frog where I wanted the mouth to be inserted it and secured it by glueing it down on the back of the frog. 

I also glued small plastic bugs that I found at a discount store for a $1 a bag to the end of the frog's tongue.  Then I cut out various sized circles and a tummy for the frog from the glittered fun foam and attached them to the frogs.  The tummies and spots matched the bug that the frog had on it's tongue.  Of all of the colors I think the black spots and tummy looked the best.  I let my daughter pick out which colors went to which guest. 

The party info was printed using a fun font and was glued to the back of the frog which covered up where I had secured the tongue.  It read: Hop on over to Holland's 6th birthday party.  Bring your bathing suit (it was a pool party) for a toadally froggy time.  The details included pond as the place where we had it but you could also use lillipad.  It took several hours to make and assemble these mostly because it me a while to figure out how I wanted them to look.  But it was worth it in the end.  They looked great.

Decorations:  I found green paper lanterns at the dollar store and glued big googly eyes and red tongues to them to make them look like frogs and I hung them up.  I also found frog wind chimes there and hung them up too.  I layered green and pink table cloths to match the plates and cups that I ordered online and used froggy lanterns and stuffed frogs sitting on lillypads that I found in the fountain section at the home improvement store to decorate the tables.  I also used green and pink streamers.

Activities/Games:  It was a pool party so the kids swam but I did plan activities just in case we had a rainy day.  I had pin-the-tongue on the frog leap frog and a jumping/dance contest planned but we didn't have to use them.

Costumes:  My son and daughter wore frog bathing suits with matching visors that I made them.  The bathing suits I had just by luck but the visors I made by buying a fun foam visor for $1 each at a discount store and gluing on wooden frogs I found in the scrapbooking section at the craft store.

Party snacks:  The adults ate hotdogs and chips and the kids had "frog legs" and green veggie chips.  I cut hotdogs in half and wrapped them in crescent rolls.  Then I used green food coloring to dye them green and I spinkled sesame seeds on top and baked them according to the crescent roll directions.  They looked really cool and the kids seem to enjoy them.  Then we had green kool-aide or froggy juice to drink.

Cake:  My sister made a cake in the shape of a frog and used a fruit roll-up for the tongue.

Favors:  I found a bug/critter catching cage at the dollar store that came with a magnifying glass and a net.  Then I stuffed a squeeze-ball frog that I found at the dollar store inside the cage along with a frog holding sidewalk chaulk in its mouth. 

The party was unusual and very successful.  It was time consuming especially to make the invitations but it was very cute."

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