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Frog Mania Party -3yr- Hoppy Birthday



March 2007


Rachel in Astoria, OR USA


Frog Party

Frog Mania A Toadily Awesome Hoppy Birthday!  

Invitations -   I got blank blue and green striped cards from Deals Only for 99 cents and put a froggy sticker on the front. And wrote Hop on over for Isaac's 3rd Birthday , or other similar phrases.  

Decorations and Props  -  It was raining earlier in the day so all d├ęcor was inside. I bought a small froggy for the buffet, and backdropped with green tissue paper. Put up blue balloons left over from Josiah's birthday. Used blue and yellow crepe paper, and green for swap weeds. Made cattails out of paper (old brown paper from the iside of the wrapping paper roll. Wrapped presents in blue and green or white with a froggy drawn on them.

Made frogs out of construction paper, and one out of tag board for the entryway that said Ribbet Ribbet Ribbet in a blue lake of tissue paper. Sign on front door said Hop on in!  Birthday sign said Hoppy Birthday in a hopping format, with two frogs, and a dragonfly and a butterfly, painted and drawn (markers). My sister brought helium balloons (was 15 but a few popped on the way over). 

Games  We weren't expecting other children so I just had one game, froggy facts. I wrote down about 10 questions and the winner got a party favor bag filled with green bath stuff and a froggy bath mitt. 

Food- We ate pizza, because it was a Sunday after church and everyone would be hungry, and the kids favorite is pizza. So we had pizza and my mom brought a mixed salad, and Barbara brought a maceroni salad. 

Frog cake -   I made the frog out of marzipan and painted it with food coloring, on a round chocolate cake frosted with green frosting with sprinkles and Isaac's name on it with the 3 candle.  Swamp water for beverage we had 7-up, green koolaid, sparkling pear/apple juice, and some apple wine. (Another option I thought of too late would be a blue punch with froggys floating in frozen ice cubes.  

Fly Ice Cream - (mint chocolate chip)  

Party Favors - Frog stickers, frog shaped bath oils, frog bath fizzies (if you can't find frogs just get green), frog bath mitt, plush frogs, rubbery little frogs in multi-colors, and other mini frogs (I was going to get gummy frogs but no local stores had them!)  Thank you notes Wording - You have made my birthday un-frog-ettable! Sign Toadily Yours________________  

Froggy Facts-  Frogs are amphibians. Amphibians have smooth, thin, moist skin. Their skin is so thin it lets water in and out. Frogs don't have to drink because they take in water through their skin. Nearly all amphibians spend the first part of their lives underwater. They are cold blooded animals and are unable to generate their own heat, so their body temperature varies with the weather. They begin their lives in the form of an egg, when the egg hatches a tadpole emerges.

Tadpoles breathe with gills like fish. They eat algae and store food in their tails. As the back legs begin to form the tail starts to be absorbed as food. The tail grows shorter and the front legs grow. The gills disappear and the frog now breathes with the lungs and is able to live on land.

The frog eats mostly insects. The tongue of a frog is attached to the front part of its mouth and is sticky. The frog can shoot out its tongue and capture its food. They are able to absorb air through their thin skin which allows them to bury themselves in the mud or stay in the water for long periods of time.

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