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Frog/Swimming Party -8yr- Who Let the Frog Out



February 2008


Amy in Westbrook, CT


Frog Party

Frog Swimming Party My son wanted a swimming party this year and since we are on the East Coast, in winter you have no choice than to do it inside so we rented the party room and the swimming pool of the YMCA. You have the party room first for about 45 minutes. You don't have much time to set up and take down because there are always parties coming and going - like a birthday party assembly line! So, since my son wanted it frog themed" we decorated the tables with green plastic tablecloths and put bunches of green balloons in corners of the room and on the tables.

For the centerpiece we found a cardboard cupcake holder that had 3 levels (sort of pyramid style one being larger than the other). We spray painted it green. From the Valentines section of Walmart we found a large singing frog and it had a big crown on it and my son (and the kids) thought it was a birthday crown - perfect..

We made cupcakes both vanilla and chocolate and frosted them green. From an arts and crafts store we found little plastic frogs and put them on each cupcake. We also found larger wooden frogs that we put in between the cupcakes. It came out fantastic and everyone loved it plus it saved having to get utensils and waste time cutting cake. When the guests came into the room we had music from our IPod.

We downloaded songs such as "Who let the frog out" and some kermit songs plus some basic party songs we thought were appropriate with the theme. When the guests arrived they first had pizza.

Then we played some "frog" games. The first was similar to "wrap the mummy" but instead of toilet paper we used green streamers. They were broken up into 5 teams of 4 and when the music was turned on they had to wrap one of the kids up with the whole role of streamers which made it hysterical.

Then the whole group had to "hop" around a track we made and whoever got to the finish line their teams got to pick out of the prize bag (which were little $1 games we found at Target).

The next game was the "croaking" game. We had the kids sit in a circle and each had to make the silliest and then the loudest croaking sound. Two winners for each and again they got to pick out of the prize bag.

The last game was from an idea we got on this site "frog frog tadpole". They loved this game because instead of running around to chase the other child they had to "hop."

After the games the kids sat around the table again and loved hearing the frog "sing"..then they ate their cupcakes and were taken upstairs by my husband and another friend to change into their swimwear and go swimming for an hour. The cleanup took us about 5 minutes..very simple.

For goody bags we found clear plastic party bags which had green circles on them that looked like lily pads. At Target again in the $1 section we found green frogs (plush) that moved or made kissing sounds (those were given to the girls from my son! Frog pencil and a green lollipop.

This was a simple but really fun party and everyone couldn't have thanked us enough. My son was having an awful day before this party and by the time it was done everyone was commenting that his smile was even bigger than the giant smile on the frog that was on the top of his cake!"

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