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Gymnastics Party -12yr- Macarea Stretch



February 2008


Cassie in Nashua, NH, USA


Gymnastics Party

For my 12th birthday party I had a gymnastics party at my local gym.

INVITATIONS: my gym provided invitations for me. They said come to a tumbling birthday party. On the back they had a permission slip that said the risks of injury and everything. Everyone invited had to bring these back signed so the gym wouldn't get in trouble or anything if someone got hurt.

DECORATIONS:for the decorations we brought pink and green(my favorite colors)streamers and balloons and hung them around the dressing room in my gym. There was a table set up with a table cloth already that the gym had supplyed.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: First my coach stretched us out so we wouldn't get hurt. We did regular stretches and the Macarena and Cotton Eyed Joe. Then one of the coaches has us play this really fun game called Mat Race.

We split up into 2 teams. We got all the mats from around the gym and split them evenly between the 2 teams. Each team got in a corner and had to line the mats up from one corner to another and walk across them without touching the floor. So you could only step on the mats. If anyone stepped on the floor you had to start over again. This happened many times! Whichever team got to the corner and back won. This game took about 20 minutes. It was very fun and my team won by a tiny bit.

After, my coach gave me a t-shirt that said the gym's name on it. After that we had open gym where my friends and I could do anything around the gym. Many of my friends are gymnasts so they got to go work on skills. The people who weren't just played in the foam pit or swung on the bars or jumped on the trampoline.We all had so much fun! It was my best birthday ever becasue i got my kip and aerial while at my party!!!!

CAKE: I had pink and green cupcakes. On each one there was a different letter. When you put them all together they spelled out HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY CASSIE! They were very good! We also had ice cream.

FAVORS: for the favors my mom took goodie bags and filled them with candy and pencils and other little things.

This was the best birthday ever and it is very fun even for people who aren't gymnasts because they have a place to run around and jump on a trampoline an stuff.  All of this cost about $180, but it depends on how many people you have and on your gym's rates. Hope I gave you some ideas for a GREAT birthday party!

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