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Spongebob Gymnastics -4yr- Gym Party



January 2009


Raquel in Riverside, CA


Gymnastics Party

My daughters take gymnastic lessons at a local gym fully equipped with a foam pit, tumble trak, beams, trampoline, air trak, rings, acro equipment and slide. Since our girls love the gym so much we decided to have our middle daughters party there. She is obsessed with Sponge Bob as well, so she asked for a Sponge Bob gymnastics party.

I made invitations that had the gym release form on them, and informed the parents of clothing suggestions, and time and place. I drew a large picture of Sponge Bob walking on a beam, holding balloons in a rainbow of colors on a yellow poster board that said Happy 4th Birthday Bella, and that was how I tied in the theme of Sponge Bob and the gym.

For food, I went with my daughter to the grocery store, and let her pick out everything we would serve, she picked out animal cookies, pringles, large pickles, pink lemonade, m&m's, suckers, veggies for a veggie tray, grapes and cheetos. All foods that a 4 year old would love! We ordered pizzas from a local $5 pizza place, so we were able to get a variety for both adults and kiddos. I made each child a personalized water bottle that I got from Wal Mart in red, blue, green or yellow. I washed them, let them dry then wrote the kids names with a black sharpie then traced that with black puffy paint.

This helped cut down costs on capri suns or juice boxes that don't usually get finished at parties. Plus this was a nice personal parting gift for the kids. I know my girls love anything with their names on it! I put out all different colored bowls with the food, and treats on the table and also a bowl full of sponge bob wrist sweat bands. I thought those were perfect for a gymnastics party, and so did all the kids!

For the cake my daughter asked for pink and yellow flowers, so we added to that a twix bar with a sponge bob walking the beam a black circle on the cake in icing resembled a trampoline and we put a patrick figure on that, and a polly pocket bending backwards over a large marshmallow, to resemble gymnastics activities. My daughter also helped bake cupcakes, so the party goers had an option of cake or cup cakes that we decorated with yellow frosting piped out to look like gourmet cupcakes.

At our local party store my daughter picked out rainbow colored yoyos, punch balloons, erasers, pencils, horns, and balls. I put all of these along with a few pieces of candy into a yellow celophane bag for goody bags. When the kids left I put a gold medal around their neck and thanked them for being an awesome gymnast.

We have had a number of friends who are scheduling their party at the gym now because of how much their children liked it. The benefit of using the gym is that the weather is not a factor for a January party along with the privacy and security of using a place not open to the public. All in all I think it was a wonderful party that all 30 children enjoyed!

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