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Jo Jo's Circus -2yr- Red Clown Noses



July 2004


Kirsten in spring hill, fl United States


Jojos Circus Party

We decided to do a Jo Jo's Circus Party for our two year old daughter. 

Because they don't really have anything Jo Jo available yet we used Microsoft Publisher to create a birthday card.  We inserted a picture of Jo Jo and Goliath we were able to cut from a website on the front of the card and wrote " Jo Jo and Friends have gathered to say.. Please join us to celebrate Meghan's 2nd Birthday".  Inside we wrote "It's a Circus Town Birthday, the date, the time, the place (Meghan's Big Top followed by the address), Rsvp, etc. We also put a circus ticket inside the card with some confetti.  

For Decorations:  I used colored construction paper to make an 18" t0 20" Jo Jo, Goliath, Croaky, Trina, Dinky, Skeebo, Mr. Tickle, and Peaches. The characters were actually easier to make than I thought.  I also called famous tate to get some empty big boxes to make a ticket booth and some circus fun houses.  It was actually a lot of fun I had my daughter help me paint them with non toxic kid paint (We pretty much used primary colors).  We used balloons and streamers to decorate too. 

I was able to find a few 6 inch stuffed characters at the Disney store and sat them on the food table.   

I had a canopy outside that I draped a striped parachute over to use as the big top.  I gave all the children red noses and a hand clapper when they arrived.  In the back yard I set up the paddling pool, a sprinkler, and we got our daughter a swing set for the kids to play with.   

For food I ordered pizzas, cut up some fruit, Chips, & Juicy Juice boxes. 

For the goody bags I got Red gift bags from walmart and glued white stripes on them so they looked like popcorn bags.  We put a note card on the front that said "Hey (the childs name) what do you say?  We all wanna know if you had fun today?  Thanks for coming to my birthday party!"  Inside we put cotton candy, colideascopes, slide puzzles, a couple crayons and some print outs we got off of Jo Jo's website. (Oriental Trading has some great fillers for cheap). 

It was a lot of work but soooo much fun.  Good Luck with your party!!!

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