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Jo Jo Circus Party  -1yr- Indoor Big Top



January 2006


Robyn in Williamstown, New Jersey  USA


Jojos Circus Party

We had a JoJo circus party for my granddaughter's 1st Birthday.  We had it at my home, and fortunately we have slanted cathedral ceilings. 

We bought a roll of red and a roll of yellow vinyl table coverings and we made one stip from the low point of the ceiling to the high point in red and then yellow, and repeated it for the width of the room to create a tent.  We had cotton candy, hot dogs, cracker jacks and we turned my built in hutch into a Candy Shop. 

We gave the kids tickets (which I got from the dollar store) and mailed them with the invitations which were JoJo and my granddaughter's picture was super imposed to be sitting with JoJo.  We personalized the wording for her party.  I got them off ebay (only 99cents each) real cute!!! 

We made the kids purchase everything, from the hot dogs to sodas, we had an unused fish tank, we cleaned it real good and painted the words POPCORN and 25cents on the front.  We put a light behind it to illuminate it.  We purchased on line the popcorn cups to serve it in, just like the circus. 

We had JoJo, Galliath, Froggy on display with foam letters spelling out Mackenzie with clear lights on our fireplace mantel.  We also used big red and white lollipop lights by the popcorn stand, and the big primary colored ball lights to line the back of the counter.  We made JOJO cupcakes using black jellybeans and shoestring licorice and red thick licorice for hair and blue cotton candy to make a cap with jelly bean on top.  Kids loved them and had fun purchasing everything. 

We also used as decorations, stuffed lions, tigers, bears, elephants.  I bought at the dollar store square plastic baskets and turned them upside down and put one of the stuffed animals underneath as if in a cage.  We even suspended a hula hoop with orange crey paper to make fire with a large lion jumping through it. 

Anything pertaining to a circus.  It was a big hit.

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