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Kim Possible -7yr- Cheerleading



October 2005


jill in bridgewater, nj    USA


Kim Possible Party

It was my daughters 7th birthday party.The theme was kim possible/cheerleading.

For decorations, I cut a small hole in the bottom of a white 8 oz paper cup, then turned it upside down(resembles a megaphone) and inserted the handle of a pompom. I wrote 'cheer" "go team go" on the cups & displayed them on the tables. Each guest (there were 18 of them)was able to put a lemon wedge and one of those fancy umbrellas(this got lots of smiles) on the side of their lemonade cups. 

Next, they each received a tatoo of their choice on their hand. Then I gave each girl a wood skewer and a paper bowl filled with pre-cut fruit, grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries and bananas, to make their own fruit kabobs!!This was a healthy snack before the sweets.

Next, they painted wooden cakes(placing magnets on the back first)each one was placed on wax paper, and  each girl was given their own brush and paint(this is easier then making kids wait). The wax paper made it easier to clean up and to put wood aside to dry. After pizza, we played "Red Rover" to distribute their pompoms in a fun way, then they took turns playing "Kim Says" (similar to simon says, but using their pom poms in each act).

Then I turned up the music and they cheered their hearts out to the kim possible theme song.

After cake(the kim possible one of course), they decorated pink megaphones (cut out from oak tag) with foam stick on letters(premade each of their names), glitter glue, kim stickers (from the dollar store) and mini multi-colored pom poms. We also had a pinata and cookie decorating.

I also planned a Kim Bingo game (made it on my computer using clip-art and copied at a local store). All the girls were happy to be taking home their crafts, a "girly" goody bag (filled with afluffy pen/paper/lipgloss/keychains & hairbands)and their pompoms!! It was a very organized party and ran very smoothly with just the right amount of sit down versus up and moving activities for everyone.

Hope this was helpful.

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