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Kim Possible -5yr- Crimestopper Party



Jan. 2004


Stacy in Sugar Land, TX USA

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Kim Possible Party

Kim Possible Crimestopper party: 5 year old So what's the sitch??? My 5 year old daughter loves Kim Possible, but it is nearly Impossible to find party ideas for it..I searched and searched, and finally took ideas from Scooby Doo Mystery and Superhero parties and adapted them into Kim Possible. So even thought her party isn't for a couple, of months, I decided to submit my Crimestopper plans now, in hopes to help others.    Kim Possible supplies are hard to find, but they are out there.  I had luck at, and ebay. Walmart is finally starting to carry a few too. 

For decorations, we'll use purple, black, green and orange streamers and balloons, as well as some homemade villain signs scattered throughout the house.  The idea is to create several different areas for a mystery.

Since the party will be from 1-3, food is pretty simple.  We'll have Mad Dog dogs (little smokies in crescent rolls), Shego Claws (bugles), Wannaweep fish (goldfish), Bueno Nachos, and drinks will be kept in the weather machine. (fridge or cooler).   

As guest arrive they will leave their gifts on a table just inside the door, near the stairs.  (strategic placement for the theif).  They will continue into the kitchen to make pinata treat bags or 3-D glasses with cellophane.  Meanwhile, my sister & or husband will steal the gifts.  I announce that it's time for presents, and as we approach the empty table, my "Kimmunicator" (walkie talkies)will beep the Kim Possible tune. Either my daughter or I will answer "So what's the sitch, Wade?"  My husband will explain that a villain has enacted revenge by making way with the birthday gifts. 

The only way to find them is to become Kim Possible Crimestoppers and play all of the villain's games to search for clues.  Villains are: Gil, the part fish part man, Shego, Draken, Killigan, and Senor Senor Senor.  I then pull out the Suspects and clues posterboard. It has pictures of 5 villains on it. (Gil, the part fish part man, Shego, Draken, Killigan, and Senor Senor Senor.) We are instructed to proceed to Camp Wannaweep to catch a theif.  As we travel from game to game, I bring the posterboard to remind us of all the villains.  

Game #1: Camp Wannaweep fishing-The kids fish over the stairs to get their loot bags. They'll need these on the rest of the journey. The last bag is accompanied by
Clue #1:  Black sunglasses, which attached to the poster with velcro.  These can belong to any of the villains.  Directions:  Stay on Killigans Course 

Game #2:  Killigan's golf course:  Each child hits a plastic golf ball towards a target (Poster of Killigan's face)  1st prize: Kim Possible backpack, others get noise makers. 
Clue #2 is at the bottom of prize bag-Kim Possible Villains Club membership card, name is smudged. (print on computer and mount on cardboard)Directions:  Proceed to Shego's Snare…if you dare.

Game #3: Shego's Snare: obstacle course using mini trampoline, tunnel, long jump pit, and cones.  Prizes: girls get Mad dog pom-poms, boys get a silver, green or purple metalic kaleidescope. 
Clue #3 piece of black clothing.  Directions: Draken's Den will be a cake walk for true Crimestoppers!

Game #4:  Draken's Cake Walk:  traditional cake walk, using pictures of the characters instead of numbers.  Play Kim Possible cd as picture is called, kids get their cupcake which is decorated with Kim Possible decorator ring. (ebay) As kids eat their cupcakes,
Clue #4 is revealed:  on the bottom of one of the plates is a picture which starts a treasure hunt to find Senor Senor's vault.  Each picture leads to a new place in the house. 

After several spots they are lead upstairs to my son's room which is decorated with a disco ball and has a vault on the floor. (toy box wrapped in silver metalic paper)   As kids fish out prizes (McDonald's KP toys purchased on ebay), we find a Final Clue: a piece of long black hair. 

By now everyone should know it's Shego, and upon further examination, we discover the connecting door to the bathroom is ajar…Presents are found in the bathtub!  Kids take presents to the family room, where suddenly "Shego" aka Aunt Shelly pops up from behind the couch.  "Kim" aka the birthday girl says "So not the Drama!" and continues to open birthday presents.

To wind things down, we opt for the magic ribbon pinata, and watch an episode of Kim Possible while guests leave.  

Party favors in treat bag and pinata include mardi gras beads in purple and green, and Kim Possible candy bars. (Miniture candy bar wrapped with Kim Possible and "Happy 5th Birthday Paige", and "Thanks for coming to my party", once again found on ebay.)

I can't wait to see how this turns out!

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