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Kim Possible -6yr- Hunt for Stolen Presents



July 2007


Dayna in Soda Springs, ID USA

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Kim Possible Party

My daughther wanted a Kim Possible birthday party and I really had a hard time coming up with ideas, but in the end it turned out great!  I got some GREAT ideas from this site and others around the internet.  

INVITATIONS: Front - I found a clip art of a manila folder and added the Kim Possible logo to the tab of the folder.  On the front of the folder it said CLASSIFIED INFORMATION   TOP SECRET:" Inside - the inside left side said "YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR A VERY HIGH PRIORITY TOP SECRET MISSION.(double space) YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO JOIN (BIRTHDAY CHILD'S NAME)FOR HER 6TH ANNUAL BIRTHDAY PARTY WHICH WILL BE A KIM POSSIBLE ADVENTURE. (double space)  SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT THIS MISSION YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THE NUMBER BELOW. (double space) Your phone number.   the inside right side had the party details such as date time place.  I added Kim Possible clip art (found on various internet sites). 

ARRIVAL: When the guests arrived they were asked to place their gifts on a table on the front porch.  Then they sat down and watched a DVD of Kim Possible episodes while we waited for all the guests to arrive. 

CRAFTS: Once all the guests had arrived they were directed into the dining room to make some crafts at the table. We then made butterfly hair clips and very cute monkey magnets I found both of these on   

THE HEIST: While these crafts were taking place I had my husband and a helper steal the gifts from the table on the front porch.  The put them in the storage room in our basement. After the crafts were made we went to open presents...BUT THEY WERE GONE.  My husband explained that one of Kim Possible's enemies must have stolen the presents and in order to find them we needed to follow the clues...  They were each given a map of my house that detailed the following Camp Wannaweep (back porch) Killigan's Course (brother's bedroom) DNAmy's Cuddle Buddy Factory (living room) Monkey Fist's Lair (not on the map) Shego's Snare (basement) Drakken's Den (storage room).  I had made signs for each of these locations with clip art (matching the clipart on the maps and the clues) of that particular villian/location.  These signs were hung up to help the girls find where they were going. 

1ST CLUE: found on the gift table "Head to Camp Wannaweep and do a little bit of fishing" Game 1 - The kids fish over the stair rail with a wooden dowel with a piece attached with a clothespin tied to the end.  There is an adult at the bottom of the stairs to attach their loot boxes. They'll need these on the rest of the journey.  They are personalized boxes I printed on cardstock cut out folded and taped together.  On one side it says their name and the other side says Kim Possible (used the logo) Crime Stopper along with Kim Possible clipart again.  They include bubble gum watches bouncy balls bubbles and other b-day party favors found at Wal-Mart. The last bag is accompanied by the next clue. 

2ND CLUE: "Stay on Killigan's Course" Game 2 - Killigan's golf course:  Each child hits a plastic golf ball towards a target (reinforced poster of Killigan with a hole at that bottom - two pieces of posterboard glued together with a stand made from cardboard.  the picture of Killigan was printed on 2 seperate legal size pieces of paper and glued to the front then I cut out which was flush with the floor.) The child with the least amount of hits to get it through the hole is the winner (there was a 1st prize for girl & 1st prize for boy).  All others that participated got little kaleidoscopes (boys) or pompoms (girls).  The next clue is located behind the target. 

3RD CLUE: "Move toward DNAmy's Cuddle Buddy Factory"  Game 3 - DNAmy has been busy with her experiments and is now working on a new cuddle buddy project.   Unfortunately for her they pop when they are loved too much. The 4th clue is hidden inside a balloon.  The children must hug sit on step on...whatever it takes to a large number of balloons in order to find the next clue. 

4TH CLUE: Clue 4 is a clue that starts a treasure hunt to find Monkey Fist's Lair. Game 4 - Each clue leads to a new place in the house.  After several spots they are lead outside to the backyard which has the final clue tied in the trees 1 - Be very quiet don't make any peeps you'll find a clue where (birthday child) sleeps (on my daughter's bed) 2 - Look high and low but please don't cry you'll find a clue where clothes get dry (in the clothes dryer) 3 - Get totally psyched like oh my gosh the next clue is where dishes get washed (in the dishwasher) 4 - Hang in there we know you can hack it go find the next clue while you put on your jacket (coat rack)\ 5 - When a letter comes from far or near you'll find that it's delivered here (mail box) 6 - Monkeys gorillas and baboons to find Monkey Fist's Lair follow the balloons (I had helium filled balloons leading the the tree spot with the Monkey Fist's Lair sign and the next clue). 

5TH CLUE: "Head to Shego's Snare if you dare" Game 5 - Shego's Snare is an obstacle course start by putting on big boots to get through the quick sand (some kind of cones to weave through) next they must jump the shark infested waters (paper with shark pics) using the trampoline to jump over - this may require adult help climb through the hula hoops and then under the blanket  find the clue on the far wall (wait until all kids are there to get it) 

6TH CLUE: "Proceed to Drakken's Den I hope you make it back again" Game 6 -  Drakken has hidden the next clue in his secret laser room.  We created a "laser" room with red warning tape strung between the shelves in our storage room.  The presents were at the end.  The kids had to get through the "lasers" without touching them. 

Once the presents were found we opened them and then had cake and punch.  I just made a regular 9 x 13 cake with purple frosting (used food coloring)  Then I printed some more clipart (one of the villians and one of Kim Ron and the little weasely rat thing) on heavy cardstock and cut them out leaving a point on the bottom to use as a pick to stick them in the cake.  The kids had so much fun solving their own crime and talked about the clues and the games the entire time they were eating their cake.  It was a lot of fun to do!"

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