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Kim Possible Party -6yr- Spy Gadget Pack



November 2006


Wendy in Bartlesville, OK U.S.A.

Honorable Mention

Kim Possible Party

Kim Possible Birthday Party  For my daughter's 6th birthday, she asked for a Kim Possible party. 

So, I had a Kim Possible t-shirt made with her name on it from an e-bay store and purchased some cargo pants for her to wear to the party.(Kim's spy-wear)  I created a "You're mission is to help us celebrate" styled invitation with a picture of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable on the front.  In the sunroom on the back of our house, I set up a table with Kim Possible plates, napkins, etc and closed off the door to the rest of the house.  When each child arrived, they were asked to decode a secret message to gain entrance to the party room. 

Once they decoded the message, they were given a nametag with their name printed and a picture of either Ron Stoppable or Kim Possible printed on it (for boy or girl created these with clip art and shipping labels)  Once all of the children had arrived, I received a phone call on my cell phone from "Wayne" about a mission.  My husband downloaded a Kim Possible ring tone to my cell phone and added "KP" to my phone address book so that the kids immediately recognized the call and a picture of Kim Possible would come up on my phone when it rang. 

After I received the call, we placed a DVD in the DVD player with a pre-recorded video of a friend acting as a secret agent.  There, she told the children of a mission to save my daughter's birthday party from the evil "Drakken".  The DVD went on to explain that key elements of the party had been stolen and that it was their mission to retrieve them and help Kim Possible save the birthday party.  From there, the kids were loaded up into vehicles and told to follow clues to locate the party items.  The first clue was given on the DVD message. 

At the first location, the children retrieved a pinata which had been pre-hung.  The children then played the pinata game and collected the candy.  There, a paper message was left by "KP" to move to the next sighting of Drakken to retrieve the party hats and ice cream.   

The second stop was a local ice cream parlor where I had prepaid for single scoops of ice cream for each child.  When the children had finished the ice cream, I received another video message from KP on my palm pilot to head to the local Dollar Tree store to find the missing balloons.  I had prepaid for the balloons and sent an adult ahead to stand in the back of the store with them.  When the children found her, she covertly gave them the information that led them to their next clue. 

Once the kids had left the store, they were then taken to the local Supermarket where the cake was prepaid and waiting in the bakery.  We collected the cake and I received a final call from Kim Possible congratulating us on successfully saving the birthday party.  I informed the kids that Drakken had been captured and that we were all to report back to the party location to receive promotions to full agents.  When the children returned home, each was awarded with a spy gadget pack (party favors, such as play cell phones, Kim Possible gear, spy glasses, etc. and the candy from the pinata)and they had birthday cake and opened presents.  Each child was also able to take home one of the balloons from the party. 

For thank yous, I made picture cards from a few of the party pics ( very reasonably priced at Walmart) and had my daughter personalize them with a note and we mailed them out a couple of days after the party. 

The best thing about this party was that there was no stress the day of the party.  Everything had been predone, so there was no need to pick up the balloons, cake, etc. that can sometimes run a mom ragged.  My daughter's friends still talk about the party!

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