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Kim Possible Party -6yr- Slime to Battle Gill



May 2006


Melodee in Girard, KS USA

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Kim Possible Party

Kim Possible Birthday  For my daughter's 6th birthday, Kim Possible was at the top of the list. So we set to work, making a mission the kids would not forget. Due to the lack of KP items for sale, we made a lot and used ebay and stole some good ideas from other birthday ideas. (Thanks for sharing!) 

For invitations, we personalized a kimmunicator for each kid and printed it on card stock. The front stated, Top Secret: Confidential. You have been selected for a very high priority mission. Cutting the sides and lower edge of the monitor so that area could be lifted, we taped another piece of paper behind stating Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to celebrate the 6th birthday of daughter's name. Come join us for lots of fun! This was followed by the party details. 

For decorations, we had large hand made posters of Kim and Ron on the front door, KP balloons, the KP cheerleader in a circle made into poster-size with Happy Birthday and my daughter's name. We also had a poster of a megaphone with a KP picture on it stating, What's the Sitch? Name is 6 Plus lots of other cut outs as we went through the party.  When the children arrived they took their gifts into the kitchen and then came back and were given a paper to color with 3 different cup inserts, all with their names but with different KP characters. Each child chose 1 to color as they watched an episode of KP and then cut the insert out. These cups came with lids from Oriental Trading. They were great to have as the kids ran through their mission, so we didn't have spills. Having the gifts in a different room was needed because once all the guests arrived, grandparents helped out and stole the gifts.

Next, my daughter's kimmunicator walkie talkie went off and we informed her, the gifts had been stolen. All the kids rushed to the kitchen in surprise. Grabbing a Wanted Poster of the KP villains we started on our search. First on our list was DNAmy, a disgraced former geneticist. Once arriving at the Cuddle Buddy factory (a large stove box with a sign and poster of DNAmy on the side), kids were divided into Rona's Team and Kim's Team. Each team raced in for a specific color of balloons, popped the balloon and saved the animal that DNAmy was altering by sorting the animals out and matching the correct head and body. I printed the animals off a website where you could rearrange farm animals. I just printed the heads separate from the body at 300%, cut out and laminated them, and then added Velcro dots so the heads could easily be switched around. 

After the animals were saved, we noticed our clue, a golf ball and quickly headed to Killigan's golf course in the front yard. The kids hit the golf ball to 3 holes that came with the golf set and then into the castle (a refrigerator box painted with Killigan on the front and a small opening cut at the bottom.)  Inside the castle we found another clue, a KP villain membership card. Unfortunately the name was smeared but we did notice some monkey hair attached to the card.  

Next the kids built foamie flyers to shoot the monkey. Http:// After building the flyers, the kids raced up the playset, slid down the slide, swung across the lake (a blue poster under the monkey bar) and then shot the stuffed monkey hanging from the clothes line. The kids then slowed down to look a little closer for the next clue, a piece of black material stuck to the playset.   We set off to Camp Wanaweep to rule out Gil. The kids made their own slime so they would be able to battle Gill if he would get away. The recipe is on They are easily made in individual ziploc bags. I used the ones with the slide lock so the kids could easily seal them.

Once the slime was made, we roped Gil and secured the GPS receivers. (These were from spy toys in McDonalds Happy Meals.) We took the map out and inserted a map of our basement. The kids turned them on to find which room they needed to go to. And then took off through an obstacle course to get there, down the little tikes slide on the deck, shot a basket, jumped on the mini trampoline, entered the house by crawling through a hula hoop, through a cave in the utility room, a couple more hula hoops to the basement stairs. Halfway down the stairs, we stopped the kids and helped them sit down on the slick board that was cut to cover the stairs. There was a mattress at the bottom on the floor and the wall and Grandpa was there to help catch them after they slid down. Once down they navigated through the red crepe paper lasers lit by black lights to Drakken's Lair. Drakken's Lair had black sheets hanging on the wall and a corner set up with scientific equipment and dry ice bubbling away in beakers. Posters of Drakken and Shego were above the gifts. The kids sat down as she opened her gifts with KP music playing.  After the gifts, the kids went upstairs for cake.

For the cake we used the Wilton house pan and decorated one side as Middleton High and the other as Drakken's Lair complete with a turret made from a cardboard tube and covered with frosting. The cake was placed on a sheet cake along with KP ornaments purchased off of ebay. The ends of the sheet cake said Happy Birthday and my daughter's name. The side of the front of the cake had Cheerleader by Day. . . The back had Crime Stopper by Night. The kids also munched on Bueno Nachos (nacho chips with cheese and taco meat served on a sombrero); Shego Claws (bugles), Wanaweep Fish (goldfish crackers), Wanaweep Lake (green jello with gummy fish) and Mad Dogs (mini corn dogs.) 

The party was a great success. I just wished we had planned for a little more time- we had the kids for only 2 hours. As they left, they were given a goodie bag. The white sacks had each kids name and KP stickers. Inside, the kids found a KP coloring page, extra inserts for their cup, KP stickers, candy, and bubbles disguised as an ice cream cone. This was also where we put their slime and foamie flyer as we finished each part of our mission.   Now, it is time to work on thank yous. We took lots of digital pictures, so we are putting them together in MovieMaker and giving each child a CD. In some cases, we may need to put it on to a VHS tape.  I plan to print a picture of each child at the party for their CD case.

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