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Limo Party -13yr- Boys Limo to the Arcade



March 2002


Dawn in Chillicothe,  IL


Limo Party

My son's 13th birthday was difficult to plan it fell on a Thursday in March.  Still too cold to arrange anything outdoors and not much for a 13 year old to do indoors in our area.  I really wanted his 13th to be special so I decided to surprise him with a limousine to pick him up from school that day and invited a couple of his friends along hoping they would not spoil the surprise. 

Well they kept the secret so well that my son did not realize the limo was for him and got on the bus to go home.  I did not plan on that happening but luckily we managed to retrieve him from the bus before it left.  I worked so hard to keep it a surprise that everyone else in the school knew the limo was for him except for the birthday boy himself!  So I would suggest if you want it to be a surprise, make arrangements for the child to be called to the office first and maybe have the principal walk the child out to the limo. 

So anyway after we finally got my son on the limo with his friends (and me video taping and following from my car)the boys were driven around the city for a while and picked up my son's cousin at his school too.  I had stocked the limo with soda and snacks so they were pretty sugared up by the time the limo dropped them off at the mall arcade for an hour of video games. 

The boys had a blast and said they felt like "rock stars".  Now my 8 year old daughter wants me to do this for her 13th birthday too.

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