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Limo Surprise Party 13yr - Dinner & a Cabin



Sept. 2000


Sarah in Vancouver Island BC Canada

September 2000 Winner

Limo Party

Limo Surprise Party  giggle  Last summer, a friend of mine held her daughter's 13th birthday in a special sort of way.  Emphasis was made on the fact that their 5th child was now officially a young woman, a teenager.  The nights events started around 7pm, with a babysitter (ME) coming to watch the birthday girl and her older brother 14.  HAHA, she was thrilled to have me come a sit for her, as I hadn't done so in a while, but was thought that she was being punished for bad behavior earlier in the week, by not being allowed to stay alone for the 2 hours her parents were "Going Out".   In reality her parents met the limo, and picked up 5 of the young girls best friends, also being surprised by the nights events.  None of the young ladies knew what to expect, and all the girls were "the special age of 13".  

The limo pulled up to the house where I tried desperately to keep my calm, and act "normal" while I was dying in anticipation!  The birthday girl was thrilled to be escorted into the limo and find no parents (mom was with the driver) and all 5 of her friends.   The girls were driven to a restaurant and treated to a lovely candlelight meal, at a resort.   Later a hotel staff member guided the girls to the resort lobby, where each of the young ladies was presented with a paperbag surprise, from home.  Bathing suits, and towels.  

The hotel pool was supervised by an aunt of the birthday girl who surprised the girls with a bit of an aerobics lesson.  In a special card to the birthday girl, the aunt told the young niece to stay fit, and true to her own body, and always do what's right for her.  Eat healthy, and stay safe.  Many personal memories, and thoughts were also shared.  After swimming, the aunt took the girls down the lane, to their room for the night.   A small cabin, with all emenities, was the perfect final destination.   The girls were left to giggle and haw over the nights events, when so much more was in store.  

KNOCK KNOCK.  Grandma came next bringing music and cake!  Grandma told the girls what it was like being a teenager way back when.  She spoke from her heart to the birthday girl, bringing wishes of happiness, and love.   She told the young girl how she wished that she would have more time to see her grow up, but due to illness she knew her time was limited.  A real heart to heart was had, and I'm sure that was one visitor the birthday girl will never forget. Together the grandma, and grand daughter blew out the candles.  Again, a special card was given. 

KNOCK KNOCK.  The next visitor for the evening was a family friend who had known the birthday girl since before she was born.  The "adopted aunt" treated the ladies to makeovers and new hair styles.  In her birthday card she talked about inner beauty as well as outside looks, and to always smile.   

KNOCK KNOCK,  on came my turn, as a 20 year old, I brought music, and videos, and talked a bit to the girls about peer pressure, and growing up.  The conversation easily shifted to annoying brothers, and fighting with parents.  I was delighted to share in this special night with my oldest charge.  Afterall, I had outgrown my job as babysitter!!!  It was fun, to hear about all that the girls had done that night, and how excited they were, when little did they know it, the whole works was being video taped, and by cable was being watched by mom and dad, and surprise guests in a bigger party in the cabin next door!!! 

The evening wound down with the discovery of beverages in the fridge, and a pizza delivery guy.  The delivery guy presented the young girl with many more cards and best wishes from other family and friends.  The birthday girl stole some private moments to read them.  The girls were silly and giggly into the early hours, but at least the guests had been taped in the earlier 4 hours. 

The party goers were picked up by parents the following morning, after Daddy's little girl was treated to breakfast made by Dad at his cabin, and the whole story was replayed by 6 excited girls, who forgot that the parents had made the even possible.  All 6 of the girls had no idea about that nights events, and the planning by the parents took weeks.  Two bags were needed for the party goers, one with sleep over stuff, and one with swimming suits.  These were dropped off earlier in the day.  The party goers were asked instead of gifts that they bring 5$ to go towards a school charity, and a disposable camera.  Creating their own take home gift.     This party was a fabulous event for the entire family, working together to show a new teenager, that the grownups in her life are working "FOR" her, not against her :)  Just had to share this with you!  Sarah

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