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Limo Party -11yr- Limo to Planet Hollywood



April 2002


Kelly in Warlingham, Surrey, England

Honorable Mention

Limo Party

Limo Party! This is a fairly expensive party idea, but its worth it to see the looks on their faces.

For my daughters 11th birthday, when I asked her what she wanted to do, she looked me right in the eye and told me she wanted to ride in a  stretch-limo! Initially I dismissed the idea, but eventually my husband and I decided to let her have her way, and went all out to give her a party to remember  

Invites. For the invites, we brought cheap toy car stretch limos, and attached a note to each saying "You are formally invited to Holly's 11th Birthday, be ready at 4 pm on the 10th of January for the limo to pick you up.  Please dress in formal attire "On the other side of the card we gave more details about pick-up times etc. We sent these out a month before the party, and the 5 girls we invited were beside themselves with excitement and curiosity.

We booked the limo 3 months in advance, it was an 8 seater, and cost us 150$, and we had control of it for the whole night. The limo came to our house at 2.30, and me, my elder daughter, and holly got in.  We briefed the driver on where we wanted to go, and stocked up the limo with drinks and snack foods.  We left, and the driver took us to each girls house to pick them up.  I took a photo of each girl as they got into the limo, the excitement on their face was wonderful! I also took plenty more photos throughout the evening. 

Once everyone was abroad, we drove into town, and let the girls loose in a couple of extremely fancy shops(giving them a strict "look but don't touch" rule first, then a couple of cheaper shops where we brought the girls mad accessories such as feather boas!  We then took the girls to planet Hollywood for a meal (a cheaper alternative would have worked just as well however, the girls weren't fussy).

As we were leaving, we purchased a planet Hollywood pin for each girl.  These and the mad accessories were their party favors.  The limo eventually dropped us back at ours at 7 PM. 

The girls all stayed the night.  The only food required for the rest of the evening was ice-cream sundaes to eat while they watched videos. 

The party was a huge hit.  The girls all talked about it for months, and had great fun telling their jealous school friends about all the fun they had!!  The overall cost was just over 250$, but it was money well spent, and this was definitely the best party I've ever given.

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