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Limo/Sleepover Party -10yr- School Musical



August 2007


Melinda in Brookfield, WI USA


Limo Party

My daughter had this theme for her 10th Birthday. (She was in 6th grade so her friends were 11 and 12) My daughter's school musical was coming up, and it was showing on the weekend of her birthday! Many of the girls seemed interested in seeing it, and my daughter got an idea. We rented a 10-person limo for a few hours.

The day before the party we bought a boquet of red and pink roses(from Pick 'n Save or a local florist), and individual water capsules to go on the stems(local florist), so that they stayed hydrated and beautiful! We bought some miniature crackers and cookies for them to snack on(Sendix)and we made roll-ups on toothpicks of deli meats (ham, turkey), cheese, grapes, etc. We put these on a tray w/ plastic wrap over. Since these would be eaten in the limo, and we wanted to provide a beverage, we chose cans of Izze (a sparkling fruit juice beverage, Target) since they were compact.

We printed out a little menu on pink paper,and bought tickets for the musical. We whole-punched the tickets and the menu, and tied a ribbon through them and around each rose. First the girls came to our house dressed for the theatre, where we gave them each a rose.

Then we took them in the limo to the musical and back to our house. Once home we had pizza, cake, and ice cream, and had the girls make scrapbook pages of the night (we used photos we had printed off the computer). The rest of the night they watched movies, and we had a sleepover.

They had lots of fun. It was definitley a more elaborate party than others we have had, but this idea can also be used on a smaller scale with any musical, play, or even a movie, and you can drive them there. The girls had lots of fun just dressing up and scrapbooking!

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