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Miniature Golf -5yr- Seven Hole Back Yard



July 2001


Kris in Springfield, Illinois USA


Miniature Golf

We had a miniature golf course party for our 5 year old son. My husband put a seven hole mini golf course in our backyard.

We had 1) A pinwheel hole-lined with pinwheels and each kid took one after they finished the hole

2) A beer hole(root beer) and each kid got a can of root beer after finishing the hole

3)A watering hole where we set up a sprinkler on the putting area(squirt guns for prize)

4) A fishing hole where the hole was filled with water and we had fish squirt rings floating in there for the prize

5)soccer hole with a goal situated behind the hole(soccer pencils for the prize

6) basketball hole where after the kid makes the putt, they have to shoot a basketball in the Little Tykes basketball hoop (the prize- small basketballs)

7)A hole in one hole- where the distance is shorter and the hole is bigger( Prize- helium balloons on strings. My husband made wooden putters for each of the kids and the kids could keep them. 

Instead of a cake, I made green frosted cupcakes with a little flag and golf ball gumballs to go on top of them. They looked like little putting greens. I also served ice cream cups of ice-cream. The kids had a great time and after the kids were done, the parents grabbed their clubs and played too!!!!!!!!!!

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