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Golf Party -4yr- Foursome the Spider



Jan 2003


Meghan  in Wayne, New Jersey


Miniature Golf

For my son's fourth birthday in February we are planning a golf themed party as he's turning "fore!"

Made invitations from green construction paper in the shape of a putting green and attached a flag with the number 4 on it. Also used a hole puncher and glued a black hole and white golf ball on the putting green.  Covering the tables with a couple of yards of astro turf and decorating with green balloons and streamers. 

Bought foam visors from Oriental Trading and foam stickers for kids to decorate as they arrive. Using plastic practice balls (from local dollar store)for games (spoon race, drop the ball in the can) and modified miniature golf(Oriental Trading and Lillian Vernon have indoor sets.) 

Will be reading a golf story called "Foursome The Spider" to get everyone calmed down after the games.  Serving little hot dogs and mini pizzas as snacks and cupcakes frosted with white icing to resemble golf balls. Green gift bags filled with green easter basket grass, chocolate foil wrapped golf balls, mini bubbles and a golf ball shaped cookie.

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