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Mini Golf Par-tee 6yr - Chocolate Golf Balls



May 2010


Stacy in Manassas, VA USA

Honorable Mention

Miniature Golf

Ultimate Golf Party 3 months before my childrens birthdays I start to think of ideas for how to celebrate my childrens Birthdays. My son asked for a golf party theme this year and the idea was born! In doing research for this theme, I discovered that there were not alot of things out there that were easy to find for a childs golf party.  So I definately had to put on my creativity hat. First we had to invite our guest. 

INVITATIONS were made on the computer using golf clipart. It read. Let's Play Golf! It included the birthday boy's name, location of the party, time, and date. The invitations were mailed 3 weeks in advance.

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION - The party was held at the Golf course near our house which made that part of the plan very simple. They provided the table and chairs to use in the party room. Upon arrival to the party guest were greeted at the Golf Par-Tee registration table. Here they were to let us know they were there. Each child was given a score card necklace. I had these from Cardstock using the same graphic from the invitations. I punched a hole at the top of the card and threaded this neon colored rope thru it.

Then they were asked to sign the green shirt. I brought a green T Shirt from a local craft store and repeated the graphic on an iron on transfer. It read. I played a round at (child's name) 6th Birthday Par-tee". All the kids who came signed their name on the shirt using perm markers (note: Put a paper bag on the inside of the shirt so that the ink will not bleed through). After everyone arrived I introduced myself as the Caddy. Went over the rules and had everyone line up. I arranged for a golf cart to use for the day. I drove my son in the golf cart while his friends followed behind. We pplayed a couple of rounds of putt putt. Next it was time to enjoy some food. The room that the golf course gave us had golf pictures all around.

To add to the DECORATIONS I was able to find plastic tableclothes from the party store that looked like grass. I purchased three of them @4.99 each. For a centerpice I had clusters of balloons.  One Myler with Golf balls on it that said Happy Birthday and 5 latex ones in green yellow and white. White plates were used to give the image of golf balls on the grass. The registration table was reformed to showcase the Green Shirt and the favors. The children were served cheese pizza and green hawiian punch.

Next was the cake which was the big suprise at the party.  First we had yellow cupcakes that were topped with white chocolate golf balls and piped green icing on the outside. They looked liked mini puttting greens. Then we had chocolate cake with chocolate icing. That read happy birthday with a green tee and another golf ball. To make the golf balls I melted white chocolate and used golf ball chocolate molds. Big Hit. We also had icecream.

As a GAME I taped two green stars under the kids chairs.  Whoever was sitting in that chair was awarded a small golf themed prize. After that I did Tattoo time where all the kids go to get one tatto apllied to their wrist.

For the FAVORS I was able to find green water bottles from my local craft store for a $1.oo each. Each bottle was filled with a granola bar fruit rollup dumdum lollipopa soft yellow golf ball and a bracelet. All the kids loved them.

Everyone said how great of a time they had and people took plenty of pictures. This was really hard because this is not a popular theme to pull off. After the party parents were telling me that their kids now wanted a Golf Par-Tee too!"

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