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Miniature Golf Par-tee -6yr-  Decorate Golf Balls



April 2010


Cathy in Lafayette, New Jersey, USA


Miniature Golf

We hope everyone will score a hole-in-one at this party.  Our local miniature golf course brought in picnic tables for us to have our son's 6th birthday party at.  We started by researching some golf terms on the internet.  Even the PGA has a golf dictionary on-line.  Using some b alliteration we invited our guests by saying Maybe we're 'bumping it up' a bit but we want everyone to have a 'blast'(or even a 'bogey' a 'birdie' or at least a 'bite' to eat with us) despite the 'breaks' 'bounces' bunkers' & 'beaches' at this B---ing Birthday Bash! The other side of the card featured some golfing cartoon characters and said "Par for the course": lunch cake activities and a game of miniature golf at......  Tee Time: 12-2  

As the children arrived crafts were on the green cloth covered tables. We did find some golf themed plates and napkins on-line. We purchased a variety of ball/sport themed items from Oriental Trading. There were coloring sheets of cartoon golfers. They used fabric colored markers to color a sports bag filled with nerf-like balls pencils and P is for Putt an alphabet book. (for the few older kids I included Dan Gutman's Million Dollar Putt.)  (I have always found books to be a good favor that parents appreciate.) We even decorated golf balls by painting simple designs on them.  

One of the junior golf instructors organized a few activities for the guests that included a game where the children hit foam balls at her as she ran back and forth across the field in big shoes and funny hat. Also from Oriental Trading we ordered the plaid St. Patrick's Day hats which proved perfect for our golfers' attire. Again using the golf terms as a starting point lunch was based on some fun golf terms also.  We served 'chicken wings'(which taste good warm or cool) 'chili dip' cheese 'wedge's and 'chip's cheese & 'quackers'.  

Cards by each dish told the golf meaning for each.  I even put out a bowl of gummy worms for 'wormburner'. Some parents hung out at the driving range while the children par-teed.  After lunch the children made their way through the miniature golf course and we ended with cupcakes.  I dyed some coconut green by dropping a couple drops of dye into a plastic bag with shredded coconut and rolled it around until the desired shade of green was reached.  The icing on the cupcakes was then dipped in the green coconut and I inserted a personalized tee that read "Thanks from J----" and on the tee rested a powdered sugar Munchkin from Dunkin' Donuts to represent a golf ball."

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